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  • Have we done Britain First yet?
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    maybe we should start an Atheism First group and go around to various places of worship preaching the positives of forgetting all that higher being malarkey and just being excellent to one another, see how we get on 🙂


    Is not liking a religion the same as racism now? I’m an atheist and the rise of Islam worries me massively as would the rise of any religion, just so happens Islam is the only one that seems to be growing.

    If I say this out loud I seem to be perceived as racist but Islam isn’t a race and I’m not racist I just want to live in a very secular country.

    Legally in the UK it’s treated the same. And nobody’s stopping you from criticising religion in public, far from it. Unless you’re advocating violence or practising discrimination, in which case you would indeed be breaking the law.

    If I met someone who absolutely 100% believed in fairies I’d be polite but in truth I’d think less of them. If their fairly belief had no practical negatives that’s one thing but if it impacted in anyway on my life I’d fight against it. To me religion is exactly the same. Believers scare me, deep seated beliefs even more so as someone who really thinks there’s a better life after this one is deluded enough to behave irrationally and to my mind can’t be trusted, especially in matters of which law rules. So I suppose that makes me intolerant but I think I’m justified in my concerns.

    Disorderly behaviour is illegal, you don’t have to advocate violence or practice discrimination. Just cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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