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  • Have I wrecked my cranks?
  • rentachimp

    So, the time has come to replace the drive train on my hard tail, and today I took on the task of doing it myself.
    I’ve hit a wall, though; on swapping my small and medium chain rings, I attempted to remove the crank arm with the extractor tool that came with my cheapo Bike Hand toolkit, but on tightening the puller, the threads were stripped from the crankarm shell.
    I don’t think I need telling that I’ve ruined the cranks, so can I get away with one new arm or will I have to get the whole unit, bottom bracket and all?

    This is the bike spec if it helps: Ghost SE 5000



    gutted, tbh for that crankset at under £40 to replace i wouldnt be too worried! i wouldnt however trust another one if threads stripped. unless you cross threaded the extractor, dont see how though. spend your money on an upgraded crankset like an slx or xt


    I can’t see the bike or crank.

    My guess is a cheap crank puller and/or user error is at fault, tho a cheap/crap crank woild contribute.


    It’s a PITA if the crank’s extractor thread has stripped, but a replacement isn’t ruinously expensive – certainly it’ll be cheaper to replace the crankset than it would be to source new chainrings when they wear out.

    FWIW a quick squizz at Merlin Cycles will see you right and leave you change from £60 for a Deore crankset which will last you for years to come.


    Yeah, I’m more than willing to accept that user error could have been a factor.
    Will take it to the LBS most probably.
    This is the spec:
    Chainset: Shimano FCM 430
    Bottom Bracket: BB-ES25


    Never seen a shimano crank with a duff thread.

    Id blame the tool or its use. A good tool might still work, otherwise its hacksaw time unless lbs has the rare stein tool.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    That’s a 9spd octalink crankset and BB, spend your money wisely and consider something like this shimano deore chainset & BB for £58 to replace it with, if you still run the original chain and rear cassette then i’d possibly consider changing them as well, £10 for a cassette and £9 for a chain.


    I had the same crank on my hardtail.
    Removed once to replace bb and twice more to remove bb for a clean and re grease.
    Never had any problems removing the arms.

    If it is knackered I would upgrade to a deore hollowtec or slx if your budget allows.
    And get your bike shop to do it as your bb shell may need facing .


    Thanks, guys. Not one to turn down a sneaky upgrade, so might well go deore. SLX might be pushing it as it’s only my backup/commuter bike.


    might not be worth the price of the tool relative to the cost of new cranks, but a decent crank puller (e.g. a Park one) will be able to still get a bite on the cranks even if 2/3rds of the threads have gone.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Bottom braket ok ??
    If so just leave it on there.
    Change rings if required.
    The lbs may be able to get it off with a better tool.

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