Have I killed my bike?

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  • Have I killed my bike?
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    Got a new 2014 Cube Stereo, took delivery early February. Back wheel was fitted in the workshop by the mail order company and came boxed in the frame. Been out on the bike 6 or 7 times and went tonight to take the wheel off to clean the cassette and the Syntace x12 bolt thru system seems to be jammed.

    It is stuck at the non drive side with the hub cone spinning at this side with the axle being able to screw free of the drive side but. The whole nut and the collar are turning and when turning (pic below). I have tried screwing it in and out a couple of times and a rubber seal from around the outside of the collar has rotated out.

    Help, how can I free this, I cannot wd40 as it will contaminate the disc?

    Second, the rubber seal from around the outside of the collar and inside the frame?

    If I cannot get it unseized, would riding it without the seal kill the frame?

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    Wrap the disc in a plastic bag and tape it up. Then get your wd40 out.

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    RockShox Maxles used to seize in place. A swift tap with a soft mallet used to get it free.

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    Have you tried tapping it from the driveside?


    The axle will be corroded onto the bearings, I had this with my maxle on the front. Try tightening it more than normal as this might break it free. Alternatively unscrew the drive side by about 5mm and hit it with a hammer, not too hard. Your non drive side will probably flex out so it would probably be worth trying to push the frame towards the drive side.

    After you have it out put a bit of lubricant on the axle so it doesn’t happen again, I use wet chain lube.

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    Combination of tap, wd40 etc freed it, dry as a stick, lbs didn’t lube axle when building the bike……

    Age old question, what lube: grease or wet lube?

    Also anyone know where to get the small rubber seals for the axle head?



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