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  • Have Hope headsets improved?
  • RealMan

    CK due to steerer scoring issues

    What steerer scoring issues?

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Good question.

    My CK creaks a bit with 140mm forks. Looking for an alternative..


    I have the original Hope and it's been in 5 years, regreased only once and is still buttery smooth. Oh, and yes the bike is ridden every week.

    Premier Icon cp

    I only use FSA Orbit XL2's, in fact, I've had several on different bikes. I've never had to replace anything on any of them, and some of them are still going strong. about 22 quid from merlin – you really don't need anything more!


    Another XLII fan here – I have them on about 4 or 5 bikes across the family, and I've only ever had to replace the bearings (once) in the bike I use for commuting on a fairly regular basis. I think the oldest bearings would be around 5 years old now.


    PMSL @ Coleman – 'Oh yes, and the bike is ridden every week' no wonder I got through my Hope's at a quicker rate than others on the other, Hope thread. Three times a week min, all year round.

    Incidentally, I found XL11 last a matter of months.

    I know have kings on my bikes. In dusty conditions, I occassionally get a slight creak over time, which is rectified by wiping the taper crown race with a cloth, and its good to go for another couple of months. That's my only criticism.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Cheap or expensive? whatever the make? make sure you pack the bearings with grease and apply liberally round them too and any headset will last a lot longer…..

    the short answer is no. Its worse.

    Bobbins infact.

    I've used one of these for about two years with a re-grease once a year (same as my king used to have).

    When it dies I'll be getting one of these I expect:

    I hope so, I've just got one and moved my CK onto a shorter travel bike.

    RealMan, the CK top cap uses an o ring instead of a conical wedge like most other a head sets, on longer travel bikes this can lead to the steerer waggling enough to score the steerer. If left unchecked it'd cut through thr steerer, which would fail. Some peeps get it, others do not. I suspect ally steerers would be more susceptible.

    The anodising on my steerer got worn off and the material underneath started to show signs of ablation, so I swapped it out. Thats on a mere 140mm of Pike as well … the CK headset is correctly installed, adjusted, complete and otherwise immaculate …


    Not meaning to be cheaky,Woodsman, but you're not over-tightening and killing them are you?

    I'm a fan of the lizard skin covers for the bottom bearing – velcro at the front and remove after wet ride or bike wash.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Would prefer not to use CK due to steerer scoring issues

    Used the original Hope headset and not that impressed

    Current FSA seems to be getting rusty bearings

    Is the new Hope design better?


    imp999, no not over-tighting, but it's a fair question – not offended.

    I actually prefered the Mk1 Hopes FWIW. If they could just have got the bearing quality up, or be able press in a new one for you.


    Woodsman – I said 'my bike is ridden every week' not once a week!

    Had a Hope headset on the current bike from new – about 16 months. Pike fork. Have done no maintenance except tweak it up 3 or 4 times. Gets ridden 2-3 times a week in shi**y Scottish conditions

    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    My second hand MK1 Hope headset is 5 years old, I have just regreased as the bearings were getting a bit gritty. I'm happy.


    On my daily commuter I've had crane creek – wasn't too bad, lasted about 2000 miles. Had an FSA Orbit XL2, lasted less than 500 before disintegration. Currently running a Hope and it's done 2000 miles without any issues at all…


    Hope Mk1 – 7000 miles. Hope Mk2 – 10000 miles. New HopeMk2 – 2000 miles so far. (That covers the last 5 years or so.)

    No real problems, prefered it over CK.

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