Haugh Woods – Ross, who rides there?

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  • Haugh Woods – Ross, who rides there?
  • Alex

    And more importantly, who is building all those fantastic trails 🙂 Ridden stuff close to the top car park with the kids, but today had a couple of hours riding miles of superb woody, rooty, tight then sweeping singletrack.

    Could see it would be a bit challenging in the wet, and it’s frozen now which I know is not the default state for the mud (we walk the dog in these woods most weekends, And leave with about a ton of Herefordshire clay on our boots!) but what brilliant trails. All to myself as well.

    I’m going back tomorrow to find some more 🙂 If anyone rides round there and fancies meeting up, let me know,


    We’re out around Haugh & West Wood all the time, even getting some night rides in. It is sketchy in the wet and gets real muddy but its fun.

    Got my new Pitch Pro today so am desperate to try it out, check us out on facebook, just a small gathering of like minded MTB’ers.



    Yep found you there and sent a request. I’ll be out there sometime this weekend if you’re about. Cheers, Alex.


    is that the same Haugh between Fownhope and Woolhope?

    Best to start at West Wood and then enter the rear of Haugh wood.


    Was ridding through there yesterday (the West Wood end). Not a soul in sight – some great singletrack. Scared myself flying back down the main donhill route! Last Sunday there were lots of little vintage sports cars driving arounf the trails.


    Hey guys. Don’t know if this thread is still active, but just moved to Hereford from Glasgow and trying to sus out the local trails. Anyone fancy giving a guided tour of the west wood/ haugh wood stuff?


    I can point you in the right direction – there is a mass of secret unmarked forest singletrack out there. Email me – address in my profile.

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    Live in Hereford, happy to show you around West/Haugh woods if you like.

    Email in profile.


    Hi, newbie here. Not sure if anyone will pick this up 9 months on. I’m fairly new to the area and fancy hooking up with any like minded folk for a Haugh Wood tour? I’m Ledbury way and fed up of lone riding! Billy no mates and all that… Cheers in advance.

    Crumbs ! This takes me back ! Cut my mtb teeth riding there in late 80s 😯

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