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  • Premier Icon booktownman

    Anyone on here ride there? Is it much cop for kids and is it a case of follow your nose or are there landmarks/trails I should look out for?



    Been a couple of times, never found that much there. Followed a couple of guys in full faces and DH bikes once, but they were on fairly tame tracks.

    There’s a bunch of signs with “no bikes” at the edge of the wood.

    Get your ninja outfit on, follow your nose.

    TBH I ended up going to FoD, as it was only 10 more minutes by car, from where I was.


    I think all the trails there are cheeky, although I know my cousin used to go in there to practice DH. If you’re in Hereford might be worth popping into Coombes Cycles on Widemarsh Street and having a chat with Phil.

    p.s. presume you’re from Hay area? If so, maybe just as well off heading more Ludlow direction.

    Premier Icon pyekid

    My local riding spot, Some really good riding there, but like most places you really need to be shown around. Its a bit mucky up there at the moment so tend to leave it alone.
    I tend to drive over to the FOD at the moment to get my fix.

    Premier Icon booktownman

    Cheers all, yes I’m from Hay. We’ve plenty of moor and mountain to ride round here but one thing we’re short of is some nice wooded trails. I was looking for somewhere nearish to go with my little boy.


    Hopton isn’t too far from Hay, kids should manage warm up loops & some of the flowier
    singletrack, plenty of fire road & rideable forest floor to go at.

    Or maybe the place between Brecon & Merthyr on the right (always forget the name), some family trails there I think.

    Wapley hill (shobdon) may be worth a look too, if a bit hilly.


    Lots of xc around the Haugh Woods/Fownhope area – as pyekid says it’s all hidden away and only known to the locals.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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