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  • Premier Icon The Pinkster

    I’m a big hat fan, have been for more years than I care to remember.

    Bought a really nice leather fling hat in the last lot of snowy weather but prefer my fedora in the summer months.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    baldie slap-head here.

    if it’s cold – i need a hat.

    if it’s sunny – i need a hat.

    i have lots of hats.


    I’ve bought every hat I’ve ever found that fitted me.

    I have one.

    I generally need the box they come in…


    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I also have loads of hats, I feel slightly naked without one.

    Good to see some series hat appreciation on here. Great place to buy is village hats on line. Dangerous if you’re a slap head hat addict though. I should have shares in the place by now 🙂

    Anna B

    I am like a woman with handbags or shoes when it comes to hats

    Oooh, me too! 😉

    I’ve got a real hat thing going on, most recent and prized purchase, a leather Bushman style one, hand made in Dorset. Usually only wear them in “weather extremes” – rain or sun. Get teased at work for looking like Clouseau in one of them.


    If you want to get ahead- get a hat. Hats rock. Some people have display cabinets for posh china and stuff- I’m wondering about a similar thing for my hats. Hats are great. In fact I’m going to put a Basotho one on.

    And how about this for a hat shop? – downtown Maseru, Lesotho.

    Modelled on this sort of thing..

    Got an awesome straw duck billed flat cap from the Cheshire show last week. It’s literally only been off my head for work and sleep since. 🙂


    love ’em.
    I have run dmc type kangols, woolen flat caps, tweed caps, beanies, 59/50’s and was recently informed that my L.A. Made ‘snap back’ was bang on trend…i have a collcetion of about 15 cycling caps too. I keep telling myself i’m not going to buy any more but i can’t stop!


    27 different hats here if you include crash helmets. My favoutites are the Balmoral and Glengarry bonnets, because I love the ribbons tht hang down the back.

    So what is the singletrack consensus on hats? I am like a woman with handbags or shoes when it comes to hats. Absurd collection of flat caps, fedoras, trillbies, pork pies and beanies. Can’t abide baseball caps though. Might be a hair replacement thing as I have the same head as Casper 🙂

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Love a good hat me – flat cap, Akubra and Fedora here plus the usual assortment of baseball caps.


    Danny B


    I like the idea of hats, but feel really self concious and uncomfortable, despite liking how they look in anything other than a beanie!


    I have a Barmah in “distressed buffalo” that I love. Being Glasgow, of course it gets comments, usually about Indiana Jones 😉

    Sometimes it’s all I wear…


    Nope sorry I don’t do hats

    Beanies, caps – even a top hat at a wedding – I look ridiculous in all of them

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Despite having a pea head and not finding much to fit, I love them.

    We live in the Stockport area, which at one time was home to the biggest hat maker in the country ‘Christie’.

    Bunny hop, ever been to the hat museum? Keep toying with the idea as I live just up the road in Macc. Always think i will be disappointed though 😥

    Premier Icon tthew

    I’m getting to the stage in my life now where I had a had to take an almost professional interest in the ‘when did you start to shave your head’ thread the other week. 🙁

    I have in the past considered staring a collection of good quality, but outrageously styled wigs, but perhaps a hats is the way to go. Oh and this thread needs more pichers.

    Genuine Red Army too hot to wear hat.

    That stage? I was bald before I turned twenty. Shave it all off, it’s the only thing to do. That or comedy comb over.


    helmet on the m/c is about the only thing I’ll tolerate and that’s marginal.
    What I loathe is the wearing of hats in doors. Why?

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Bunny hop, ever been to the hat museum? Keep toying with the idea as I live just up the road in Macc.

    Yes. However I went on a bad weather day with the attitude ‘this could be dull’, but it wasn’t too bad. Am a social history buff and this helped.


    flat cap occasionally, beanie on a regular basis when winter, regularly indoors(my ears just like it) and out. and on the odd occasional I crack out my well worn tilley hat in summer time. used to be a big baseball cap wearerer but not felt the want to put them on of late

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