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  • has chain reaction gone bad
  • Don’t pick up the phone
    Don’t reply to emails
    Pay extra for next day delivery – Don’t deliver on time

    what happened….

    in general i think their service has gone to pot

    They got big and the accountants have taken over

    this time they posted the item one day late but still charged the next day delivery fee – rip off


    Vote with your feet instead of moaning about it people 🙂

    bugger – anyone suggest an online site that hasn’t climbed up their own arse

    it’s monday – need a good moan to kick off the week


    Just email them & tell them you’re not happy & why

    It’s unlikely that they’ll change anything on the strength of just you but if they get a lot of complaints they’ll probably look at it.

    I don’t have a problem with them TBH

    still not replying to my emails


    I ordered last week and got next day despite the weather.


    rotten to the core and if that weren’t bad enough brant’s joined them! jeez

    lucky bastard

    Premier Icon nickc

    Andy from CRC was on here a couple of weeks ago saying that they were snowed under (no pun intended) with work, they are recruiting apparently.


    Been quite impressed with J E James recently. Even their email system to tell you that an item is out of stock and that the order as been cancelled is pretty quick. At least you can then start looking somewhere else.

    Also had good mail order response from All Terrain, although I don’t like the shop. Went in looking for some M15 Crank Bolts and was treated like an idiot by the teen behind the counter.


    I got sent some things incorrectly and slightly higher value than I ordered. No response from my email highlighting their mistake.


    Sweet Bejeebus if J E James is the best alternative I’d stick with CRC


    I have not used them that much this year as did my bike build last year, but for the few odds and sods i have ordered, chainstay protector etc, they have been fine. Not tried to contact them tho.


    Can’t complain here.
    Stuff ordered Thursday night, arrived this morning, to Sweden!
    Plus, checked their shimano prices today and noticed that I’d saved myself £33 by ordering it last week and not this! i.e. XT chain and cass cost £60 last Thurs, as of today , £93!!!

    just looked at the banner on top of my page – crc is now the biggest online bike store in the world? – i bet the sales team will be supported by an Indian tele sales team within 6months [**** bt all over again]

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Try lexs in south Yorks good prices and stuff is in stock.


    holy carp! i knew i should’ve bought the xt cassette when it was 39 quid as this week it is £62.99 !”!!!!!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    buy from your LBS instead


    That link to Lexs is a good one. Pricing is pretty keen – cheers Sturmey

    if only they sold a 4″ gravity dropper – I would


    COme to http://www.mtb-direct.co.uk, we will do or best to give you the best price going

    By buying from CRC you are shooting yourself in the foot these days, its the whole Tesco thing.

    They are a distributor (hotlines) retailler (CRC) manufacturer (Brand x, Nuke proof etc) so really own the market, give the other peopl eout there a shout!

    Took them a week to sort my issues with a missing part for a new bike stand.

    Emailed me 3 times though to keep me informed. I was pretty impressed with how they handled things actually.


    Ordered something from them last Friday. Wasn’t expecting delivery anytime soon after reading some of the bashing on here. It came Saturday morning! – of course I wasn’t in and had to collect from Post Office myself on Monday.


    MTB Direct do indeed kick bottom. I’ve ordered a few times from them now and really can’t fault the service – quick, cheap, good quality and you can get through to a real person on the phone who knows what they’re on about.
    Some other shops could learn a thing or two from them.


    When you receive next day service on the dot you tend to slacken your planning abilities and order later, expect CRC to be there in the nick of time as usual. Thats the problem with good service, it becomes expected. Routine. The best time a company can showcase itself is when you have a bad experience and the company ‘wows’ you with its swift response. The non-reply to emails is terrible though. I’ll always shop at CRC as its alot better than the others. Its consistent compared. However any company should reply to an email even a one-liner.

    Surprised that no-one has mentioned Wiggle? Prices seem to be pretty competitive, delivery is always instant and their returns process seems to work very smoothly


    I could never use Wiggle. If it comes down to the basics, customer confidence with your card details. Sorry.

    they’re just going through a rough patch, which reminds me…OY! CRC!! where’s my money ya basstids!?!?!?!

    my money has just this second showed up so I’m retracting my previous comment

    look at me I’m retracting so hard I’ve pulled something


    As others have said if you don’t like their service then don’t shop there. It’s all too easy to just shop on wiggle and crc thinking you’re getting the best prices. But if you bother to look around there are plenty of cheaper option – recent experience using evans online and ukbikestore saved me around £80 on a rear mech and chainset. Service is also very good from both.

    I’ve never really had an issue with CRC and always spent my money with them. Quick to deliver, wide range of stock, reasonably cheap.

    Unfortunately I placed an order with them on Mon 2nd and it has not arrived. I sent a couple of e-mails and tried ringing. Nothing. Without the part I am unable to ride. Disappointed. Just a quick reply to say sorry to hear, or order again, or we’ll send another, etc, etc. isn’t too much to ask.

    What makes it worse is that I could have got my LBS to order and fit part within this timeframe with probably not much extra cost. Poo.

    They are rubbish – I ordered some brake fluid on Sunday afternoon and it didn’t arrive till this morning 🙁 Only half the price asked for in the local shops too 🙁

    Premier Icon molgrips

    It’s all too easy to just shop on wiggle and crc thinking you’re getting the best prices

    That’s a lesson in marketing. People don’t always shop for what’s cheapest, they sometimes do what’s easiest. So you need a good website with a lot of stuff all in one place..

    http://www.froogle.co.uk (www.google.co.uk/shopping)

    then go for the cheepest form CRC or wiggle (or investigate the others if theyr still likely to be cheep after postage is added)


    Merlin cycles. Superb service.

    Obviously not the same range as CRC but very good and often cheapest, nonetheless.

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