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  • Has anyones YT Capra arrived?
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    I ordered my Capra after trying to buy a Saracen Ariel.

    In about March I decided I wanted to test and buy a Ariel 152. Nope – all sold out and none arriving till about this time of year.

    OK I thought, there is still the Ariel 151 which doesn’t really have the setup I would most like but it will be good enough. I also save £700 in the bargain. But then the Saracen Ariel does have a longer than I am used to top tube so I better try a medium frame for sizing…

    I phoned 2 bike shops in Edinburgh to see if they could get one in for me. Neither would without taking a 10% non-refundable deposit – That’s £270 btw.

    At that point I thought Capra. I was familiar with the frame numbers and I liked the components that it came with, so I took the risk. Turns out that my judgement on sizing was spot on so far as I can tell.


    So what’s the score with the swingarm and gear hanger? I’ve only heard bits n bob.
    Mine should be here within 3 weeks. Ordered a large and im 179 cm.


    There was an issue that when running with a SRAM X01 11speed deraileur it was putting more stress than intended on the mech hanger, and could cause some damage to the seat stay.

    YT have now redesigned the seat stays (and I think the mech hanger itself as well), so that this will no longer happen.

    I’m still waiting on my Capra but have just put my Giant Trance up for sale in preparation for the Capra’s arrival.


    I’ve ordered the Capra Pro version. I really hope it’s worth it as I will be selling my Canyon Strive Al 9.0. And tbh I still love it. Was sucked in by the reviews and the way it looks.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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