Has anyone with young kids just up'd sticks and moved abroad?

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  • Has anyone with young kids just up'd sticks and moved abroad?
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    I don’t know if it is a ‘time of the year’ thing but I am bored!

    bored of same old routine, same job, same crappy weatehr, wet trails and same stuff. I find myself cruising Canada, Austalia, NZ on Google Maps and dreaming about kids being outdoors all the time, a veranda, long rides in shorts and plenty of dust rather than mud…

    Thing is, I’m really crap at change! Have three young kids, two of whom are in Primary School. Wife is really settled in a great job, my job is fine and on balance, we actually have a pretty good life. The thought of turning everything on its head makes me really nervous.

    Is this just a case of grass always being greener or should I scratch the itch.. Really interested in other peoples experience.


    Always better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t. I wouldn’t worry about the kids, at that age they’ll fit in to the new place faster than you will. Take your partners opinion seriously though, don’t force her into anything she doesn’t want to do, and RESEARCH!!! the job situation thoroughly before you go.


    We moved abroad when my brother and I were both still in primary school (he was almost finished it and I was about half way through it). Personally I didn’t want to go at the time because it meant leaving all my friends behind but I’m glad that we did go as I had an awesome time and have loads of great memories of it. As shermer said your kids will adjust very quickly, especially if there is no language barrier between them and the local kids.


    Yes, left them behind 😈

    Not really. Almost left for a job in California, but the time difference from family and education was too much for us (mine were both at school). I’d agree with the sentiment above, better to try then regret it than regret not trying. My sister has a friend who’s family are planning their return from Australia after 18 months. I think you need to give it three years, so factor that into the age/education/development of the children. Kids are pretty robust, but GCSE syllabi are not.


    put the kids outdoors in Canada all the time and you will have frozen kids. the winter in Canada is something to think about.

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    Former colleague did it, up sticks to NZ, apparently a beautiful spot they’d seen before. He had a job sorted etc.

    They were back within the year – job there not as good as similar work here, she couldn’t settle away from family. Kids were the only ones who enjoyed it!

    If the chance comes, give it a go, but be careful what you wish for.


    I lived in Nigeria for almost three years from ages 11 to 13. It was a bit of an upheaval at first but I had a great experience and got to see a very different life and meet a lot of people from other countries. I certainly don’t regret that my parents did it.

    The only downside I can think of is that I was a bit of an outsider for a while at both the new school in Nigeria and when I came back home as I didn’t know anyone else at all (whereas most people knew at least one or two people) but that fades with time.

    came back to UK, good work, nice schools, everything else sucks more than before 🙂


    We did to Canada 5 years ago, your kids won’t want to go back to Britain, it’s extremely stressful as a process though so everyone has to 100% on board

    Best thing we ever did, but I miss my Mum and best mate


    Moved to Denmark to be with girlfriend at age 29. Now 37 and wife and three year old about to move from Denmark to Perth. Not exactly just upping sticks, on both occasions I had / have a job to move to, so much of the uncertainty and potential financial worries are covered. This time around the challenge is on how well the wife will adjust and whether she will find a job which equals or betters the one she is giving up to move. It’s a worry, but offset by the massive opportunity.

    I have worked with and employed a lot of expats in my time here. Without fail, the ones who settle and enjoy it are the ones whose families enjoy it to. You can have the best job in the world, but if your partner and kids aren’t happy then you’re coming home!

    Good luck with what you decide.

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    Deserter +1 – It’s extremely stressful and I still don’t really get the Canadian education system but I’m sure by the time my kids are through it I will.

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