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  • Has anyone heard of Koba bikes?
  • alaric
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    It’s not a brand I’ve heard of in the UK, but I now live in Switzerland and my LBS (which generally has pretty high end stuff) has a number of pretty nice looking bikes by Koba in the window, I just wondered if anyone knew much about them, particularly if they’re any good…

    Koba Bikes

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    They look really good on the web.
    That Sentiero would suit me, but it’s out of my price range at £5k.
    We (used to!) go to Belgium 2 or 3 times a year with the bikes. Always looking in at the local shops. Most of the ‘serious’ shops dont keep the top makes in, or keep just a few of one brand, but they do have a range of bikes that you have never heard of, and all of them look really good – in the UK, we have a limited market compared to the Continent.
    I’m hopefully doing the De Panne beach race again this year, and will be very tempted to buy a new ‘beach’ bike – it’s a bit of a niche over there, rigid MTB frame/fork, 2 inch bald tyres, and an aero frame.Never heard of the Make, but not something that is available here.

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    I hadn’t heard of them but there’s a reamol frame for sale locally that I though might be worth a look but it’s a bit ugly fully built
    The 29er senterio looks a bit too much like an open mould frame hash up though out of china. Light carbon 713 with a flex stay rear.
    Could be wrong but even so, they don’t shout boutique at me.

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    The beach racer is made by Koga:

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    That’s interesting, James… Will look further at that.

    But the general consensus is still “look good but have never heard of them”…

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    They look pretty good to be honest.

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    I know nothing about them but if any help Cycle Centre at Congleton, Cheshire stock them,, although I have only had things from them via website have always had excellent Customer Service very helpful & knowledgeable

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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