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  • finbar

    use our T***o credit card to buy everything, everything for home and work.. current average spend is 12k a month.. we get gadzillions of clubcard points.. went to Airkix and legoland last month on them..
    p.s. pay it off in full every month..

    😯 If I was spending 12k a month I’d have a Coutts credit card.


    Yes – only with bikes and motorbikes its a great feeling if you can afford it. Otherwise I would think about it and sleep on it and not do it and regret it.

    Not a big fan of looking at bank balances tbh


    Yeah that’s how I bought my bmx. It was only £350 though so not exactly a huge investment or risk!


    Bought my last MTB frame with the intention of building it up slowly, got impatient looking at it sat in the garage after a couple of weeks, and spanked the credit card on components. I could afford to do it, and just used the credit card to spread the payment.

    As long as you can afford it, and have a plan and the ability to pay it back responsibly then you shouldn’t deprive yourself of things you want. Life is very short.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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