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  • Has anyone bought a refurbished Macbook Pro ?
  • Afternoon.

    Looking to start doing some video editing, using Final Cut Pro, so looking to get a Macbook.

    I’d get a desktop if I had the space to set one up at home, plus I might be using it on location for downloading files from the camera.

    I could get an education discount, but it still works out pricey. Although, I’ve been told it might be worth it for Apple aftercare.

    Wondering what sort of spec people are running for doing video editing, and If anyone has ever got one re-furbished ?



    I just got one. It was brand new, just last years model. This years equivalent would be a lot more expensive. Happy overall.

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    Me too, retina zippy thing with 750gb flash and 16gb RAM. Absolutely sings along.

    Very good price/performance.


    You do pay a premium (“Apple Tax”), but the build quality is exceptionally high. Yes, they are lightning fast, but you’re buying it to last “several years”.

    In the black Friday sales I bought mrs xiphon a MBA 13″ – and she knows it has to last her at least 4-5 years (if not longer).

    Bought one from John Lewis three years back.

    No problems to speak of (touch wood).

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    one downside to be aware of, retina display is so good it makes every other LCD look broken. 😀


    My Macbook was a refurb. Worked out recently that I’ve had it six years. Never had a problem with it. I’ll buy refurb next time.

    Thanks for all the replies. Is everyone buying from the Apple store, or are there other places to look that you’d recommend ?


    If you can get the edu discount, are you eligible for the HE Contract deal too? I.e. are you on a .ac.uk network?

    try apple.procureweb.ac.uk

    Decent discount and 3yr applecare as standard. Apple care stays with the machine, not the person, so if you do move it on within the 3yrs you’ll get better resale value too. Plus trying to sell on a machine that still has valid warranty is obviously a lot easier.

    Also, the “apple tax” only really applies in that you “have” to buy a high quality machine whereas with a pc you can pay less for less quality, which might be a tradeoff you’re willing to make.

    are you on a .ac.uk network?

    try apple.procureweb.ac.uk

    Why.. yes I do ? Thank you very much IA. That’s me sorted for Xmas then 😀

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    Got mine from as a refurb from the Argos ebay outlet 4 years ago – has never missed a beat.


    They have 0% 10 month financing on the Apple store at the moment, works with 15% education discount too

    Bought a refurbished MacBook from a company down in Bournemouth which came highly recommended from someone in the laptop trade. They deal through eBay. Can’t remember he name.

    Think it was a year old but it was immaculate and came with all the souped-up latest OS and memory stuff.

    It’s been faultless for 18months so far. Also recommended them to a colleague who bought one and was equally impressed.


    I edit in FCP-x and more importantly I use the free davinci resolve grading software.
    You need a four core processor to run resolve, grading in FCP is a bit crude so resolve covers that and is a much better tool.
    The smart money would be on a refurb of the outgoing (or even previous version) retina 15in. I paid £1500ex vat for a 2.6 16gb 500gb model a couple of months ago, they had the 2.7 model for a bit more but the speed bump would be negligible. The outgoing 2.7 is now a similar price in the refurb store. The outgoing models have the 2 video cards in them even at base model bit the new ones base model has the intel graphics on the base model, I don’t know how this plays with FCP/resolve/speed grade/premiere etc so I would look into that.
    I wouldn’t use a 2 core 13in if you are doing a lot of editing.
    Definitely go for 16gb ram and at least 500gb. At a later date I would look at an external thunderbolt drive possibly ssd or raid if you have a lot of media to move around. I only work on short 3min projects so just keep the current project on the machine. I don’t bother with proxies as the rMBP is so fast
    Pic the spec you want and use one of the websites that mail you when they become in stock, I wanted a 16gb ram model that didn’t hang around long but picked one up this way.


    Jigsaw24 have a lot of deals, I get a discount at apple so didn’t use them.

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    Have a look through these forums MacRumors

    With new machines RAM is soldered in so hard to upgrade, so make sure you get enough upfront as video editing is hungry for memory.


    Had 6 macs from Apple refurb over the last 3 years. All perfect and as new.

    Will never buy full price again.

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