Has anyone actualy had a good experience of Avid brakes?

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  • Has anyone actualy had a good experience of Avid brakes?
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    The Juicy 3s I had were **** awful. After years of misery trying to get them to work reliably I buried them in the garden with stakes through the master cylinders. I’m only slightly exaggerating here. Dreadful things.


    LMT – Member

    Elixir 5’s shockiingly bad, keep hoping they will bed in, going to give them 1 more month if not then shimano slx on the way.

    You do realise that you are meant to bed your brakes in when they are new?
    They don’t just bed themselves in during the course of normal riding.
    The precedure is in the manual you know.
    You did read the manual, didn’t you?


    urgh Avid brakes a continual thorn in my side.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Another BB7 fan. 🙂

    Bugger of a thing to bleed though…


    BB7’s- amazing, I have two sets. Faultless.

    Juicy 7’s and Carbons- great- no problems at all, ever. Until 110kg of Ambrose tries to drag the brakes in the Alps. 185 rotors. Boils fluid. Scary (I mean really scary) but not Avid’s fault, definite user error.

    Swapped over to Frankenbrakes- Code calipers, Juicy Carbon/7 levers. 203mm rotor front, 185 rear. Perfect. No problems ever since, whatsoever. Ride Alps, Wet and gritty Wales. And I’m a big biffer too.

    Son of Ambrose also has Avids, the Frankenbrakes’ Evil twins. Code levers, Juicy 7 calipers. Brakes have been faultless to date, inc. Alps and local (South Wales) riding. He’s a big lad too.

    All on Superstar pads as well.

    I must admit to wondering if people sometimes just want to jump onto the most recent bandwagon. Avids get slated- but I’ve more experience of Hope’s being Hopeless. And I’ve had as many OEM pads fail on me as I have had SS fail. Is it just a fashionable thing to do- slate certain brands.

    FWIW, I like Avids and see no reason myself to change from them. Likewise Superstar.


    No 🙁
    Using XTR now and haven’t looked back


    Serviced the callipers with rubber grease and bled; my elixir 5’s worked well for about 8 months then stopped being awesome, I tried to get them to be nice again but I just couldn’t manage it for some strange reason – finally I decided that I could no longer spend my life inside bleeding brakes so bought a set of SLX’s and I find them a much nicer brake to use as well as maintain.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Have some elixr 5’s that came on the missus bike, lasted 2 weeks. We are now having a good experience if leaving them in a cupboard.

    However they may have to come out for her HT as the SLX hoses are too short, and you can’t just buy and refit brake hose these days – when did that happen – not buying the overpriced kits.


    I’ve had 2 sets of Elixir CRs and have been really happy with them – not had to bleed them, and performance has been great: plenty of power (even for a heavy lump like me), but more importantly I’ve found the modulation to be great – I don’t want the difference between “gentle braking” and “f*ck-me….STOPPPPP” to be equivalent to 1.5mm of lever throw! Some people like that – but not me.

    I’m building up a new HT at the moment and am thinking about my brake choices: everyone is saying XTs, but (as above) I really like my avids and have had no issues with them….. so feel like it’s crazy for me to get anything else.

    Having said all that, a mate has some Elixir 3s on his canyon that are absolute guff.


    well, that’s their reputation for inconsistency confirmed.


    Spend some time working in a bike shop and it will confirm how inconsistent they are.
    Avid = mechanics headache.


    Have had and or got BB5s, BB7s, Juicy 7s, Juicy Ultimates, Elixir Rs, Elixir CRs and XXs. My daughter’s got Elixir 1s. As you can tell, I rather like Avid brakes.

    I have had the odd problem, which includes BB5s not being all that good at stopping (could have been set up), Elixir Rs needing careful bleeding, but then being very reliable and floppy leavers on very well used CRs. I’ve been using XX for three years without problem and have no plans to change. My mate’s XX are not as good though apparently.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I got Elixr 5s on my Whyte and after all the talk on here was expecting to be changing them instantly. So far I have put in 160km and they have been absolutely fine and undramatic.

    Just as well really since they are on matchmaker mountings and I was struggling to find normal mounts for the X9 shifters (which I am actually liking very much).

    There seems to be an Avid/SRAM hate thing going on here of late, which is a change from the love in of a few years ago. Seems like a completely unfounded shift in opinion too.


    6 year old juicy fives with nearly 25k mixed commuter/training miles on them never been bled and still on the same set of pads.


    Bled a set of Elixir 5’s last night (tore my deore hose in a crash and riding today, so fitted the avids.) Took me MINUTES and worked perfectly first time.

    I expect it to be one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ events.


    X0 on both of my bikes. Bit of a pain to bleed but once done properly they work really well

    Avid juicy carbons, 2008 Trek remedy 9 , never bled or touched and still as good as the day I got the bike!!!

    Have some EX3s come on a bike and have also bought codes 5s. Both really good brakes but the factory bleed was shocking on the 5s.


    d. I also bought an Epic solutions bleed kit and learnt how to bleed them, which only takes 5 minutes every few months and keeps them sweet.

    Sounds fantastic… Only every few months. Wow!

    And yes, avid’s reputation seems to be as inconsistent as avid’s breaking performance.

    Had a set on the GFs Boardman. Were fine till they over heated on a long descent and needed bleeding (yes i had a bleed kit, no it wasn’t quick and simple). Swapped for SLX.

    Loads of hire bikes on gran Canaria had them. Hated the will they-won’t they performance. I ended uptying the lever to the bar when putting the bike on the trailer to stop air getting in to the calipers.

    I think that is half the trouble…. The amount of air already in the oil before you put it into the system. And a also the fact that over time DOT lets in water. Probably one reason that I’ve not had bleed a set of Deore for approx 7 years.


    Avid Juicy 7’s were fine for several years, but changing pads and worsening piston stick made me get rid last year and put some Elixir 5’s on instead. They are on my Inbred and even after shortening the hoses & re-bleeding they are fine. They work consistently & don’t rub. Plenty powerful too…

    I’ve got Elixir R SL’s on my Stumpjumper and they are also fine. They have been bled a couple of times after going ‘inconsistent’ after the bike was stored upside down for a while. Must have been air in the system as they have been fine since bleeding. Again, no rub to speak of.

    Two of my usual riding mates also use Elixirs and have had no issues with them.


    Various Juicys and Elixirs no probs with any of them apart from a sticky piston on the back of one bike easily remedied. Rarely bled any of them just keep feeding them pads.

    Various Shimano again no probs

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Have a set of Juicy 7’s and two pairs of Elixir CR. The Juicy were a bit flakey and did need fairly regular bleeds. The Elixir have both been brilliant. I really like them.

    Someone mentioned that the factory bleeds are a bit hit and miss and I think that’s correct.

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