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  • hardwearing chainrings…….Ti?
  • Premier Icon ton

    many years ago, I bought some Ti chainrings from Moose cycles.
    cant remember the name or make, but I ran them with a stainless rohloff chain.
    they ran perfect for well over 2 years, until I sold the bike they were on.

    I need some new chainrings, they need to be very hardwearing. is Ti the way to go, or is there anything as good.

    ideas please.

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    I run these on my singlespeed and get heaps of life out of them.


    Why do you need them to be “very hard wearing” when the rest of us can get by with ally or stainless. Or is the clue in your name? 😆
    I would think that the cost of ti outweighs the benefits of its longevity?? Swings an’ roundabouts ay it!
    I hear Wolverine cycles have developed a range of admantium chain rings.
    I bet they’d last well.


    what’s the bike? i have a set of Campagnolo Record 10spd chainrings that have decided to die, they are 5-6 years old i think, maybe older and have been averaging 6k+ road miles per year on them? Expensive but durable.

    Obviously you have to have a 135mm chain set though.

    Premier Icon ton

    bike is a LHT, I have just found some stainless Surly ones, at a half good price. gonna give them a shot.

    I run a surly SS on the 1×9 commuter. No wear after 18 months…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Ton, the On-One stainless ones last as well for half the price of the Surly ones.

    Premier Icon ton

    ok mate, cheers.


    I was running a renthal 42 t on the commuter running 1×9 no signs of wear on that and now have one of the on one stainless steel ones and I have to say really nice quality for the price and it was in the sale!

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Surly stainless one here. Probably 2 years old and lots of miles. Not a mark on it.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Steel lasts longer than ti. Ti is better than alu, and lighter than steel, but steel will give the best longevity.

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