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  • hardtails- anyone gone from 180disc to 160 and regret it?
  • rockhopperbike
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    As above really, finding the back tyre breaking away with xt brakes, wondering if dropping a size on the rotor will give me a bit more feel, or has anyone got any better suggestions>

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    You can buy an adapter and disc for less than £40 together, It’s only 40 quid if you don’t like smaller discs (doubt you will to be honest) then just put your 180’s back on. I personally am upgrading to a 180 rear from a 160. Even though you’re meant to use the front brake 90% of the time.

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    I went down from a 160 to a 140 on the rear of my P7 (hope tech 2’s) as I was locking the wheel up too much and don’t regret it. I also weigh circa 15st so not exactly a lightweight either.

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    Learn how to control your brakes better?? Kinda obvious really…. 😉

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    xiphon +1

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    Hardtails- anyone gone from 180 disc to 160 and regret it?

    I’ve always had 160mm discs and never had a problem. Though i can’t see coming down from 180mm making much difference. Just ride what you’ve got and get used to them.

    Use one finger, don’t brake as hard and move your weight around to increase traction on the rear wheel*.

    *That will be £100 please 😉

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    A brake of any size will lock up when it’s in the air.

    Buy a full sus 🙂

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    Bigger front disc makes sense in most contexts.

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    cgg – except when it leads to the brakes not getting hot enough……

    only time I wished for a 180 was in france …. what it did do was stop me dragging my brakes and make me pulse them more – as your supposed to do it anyway 😀

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    Doubt you’d notice any difference, especially on the back. If your back end is breaking away it’s probably more to do with how you’re riding and your weight distribution (not that I am entirely sure what you mean by breaking away, are you dragging your back brake in the bends?)

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    I’ve a rotor and a mount in my spares pile if you fancy finding out for a few quid.

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    Cheers all for the advise, I guess it’s my getting used to the xt’s after acids that’s the main issue- the xt’s do seem to be more grabby than the old brakes- seen a disk and mount on crc for £12 so may give that a go next time I order

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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