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  • Hardtail frame from Bikediscount-de or elswhere?
  • Hi all

    I have bought a large Boardman pro hardtail as a donor bike to build into a 16″ frame for our teenage son.

    I have seen some well priced frames on Bikediscount from Cube and some other German brands, fairly euro geometry but that should be ok as looking to build it up light rather than burley.

    Before I hit the button has anyone spotted any other good deals for a 16″ 29er frame 80 / 100 euros ish?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    someone posted up a carbon frame for just over a 100 euors the other day.

    Biggest thing will be makign sure that BB, axle, disk mount, seatpost, headset, steerer tube, hose and cable lengths are conistent from the Boardman to the new frame or you’ll end up spending a lot trying to match bits between them.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    I can’t promise it’s not a bag of spanners but…

    thanks for the headsup on the on one frame. I have had kit from them before and had no problems. As wwaswas mentioned the compatibility of parts would be an issue

    Donor bike has 100mm taper fork

    PF bottom bracket that can change easily enough I have other cranksets etc in the parts box, also an old skool 9mm rear drop out.

    his is now ordered

    Is this a 130 Euro Radon ZR frame from bike-discount?


    Bought other frames from bike-discount. Quality was always top notch, shipping very quick.

    Lets hope for a “Fox Sale” from “bike-components” next winter again. Frames from bike-discount and Fox stuff from bike-components (only winter) is great.

    Radon: don’t have a Radon bike. But like them!

    That frame came in at £105 delivered would expect the quality to be ok from a German brand geo might be a bit Euro but it’s being built with a 100mm fork so not really long and slack!

    More old school XC

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