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  • martinxyz

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    Trail down a glen near Kinlochewe, down from Lochan Fada to Loch Maree, OTB and almost went over a cliff into the gorge

    After getting a rogue copy of MemoryMap around 2005 I found this loop and watched it in an exaggerated 3d viewing and decided to go. Never knew anyone that had done it before but it looked wicked on the screen! It’s a good descent and to be honest I get dizzy on tracks like that so I usually step off and take it a bit easier! The first time I had no clue how long it was or how techy it got. Was a great ‘mountain bike adventure’ and one that will stick with me as I had never seen or heard anything about it leading up to the ride. This is the way all rides should be. Ditch all magazines and internet links explaining where to ride and just play pin the tail on the donkey on a map of scotland! It’s the best way to go.

Viewing 81 post (of 81 total)

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