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  • Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    The climbs aren’t too bad tbh, unless it’s bloody warm. I’d imagine only the very, very top guys would spin out on say 32 X 11/42, you’ll be fine. Tyre wise, I wouldn’t over think it, whatever you have that is robust and fast rolling for the rear, and something decent volume for the front.

    If it’s wet, there’s not many tyres that’ll help on the wet grassy bits anyway.

    I’ll be on either minion DHF or magic Mary front, and trail boss tough/fast rear.

    It’s my favourite event every year, makes the 3 odd hour drive from central Scotland well worth it….

    Premier Icon russyh

    I am struggling with the same conundrum myself. Planning on running either minion DHF or magic Mary on front. Possibly some form of semi slick on rear. But may bring a hr2 or Hans dampf for the rear really conscious of side wall protection on reports from friends

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    I’d bring a tough rear tyre, prioritise it over a fast rolling one, if you’re not used to riding steepish rocky stuff at speed. I’d far rather lose a few seconds speed due to tyre tread than a few mins with a flat.

    And if you have a tough rear tyre, you’ll probably go faster as you’ll have some confidence in it.

    Premier Icon russyh

    I’m ok with the steepish rocky stuff to be fair. Just don’t want to ruin an event by running too light a tyre, or to have to pedal an unnecessary tyre around if it’s not needed. Ard Rock virgin and all. Maybe I will just bring what I have got airing on the side of heavy

    Premier Icon eddie11

    in the past, 4 of the climbs have been 80% road, 1 climb has been a push and carry up a muddy valley, tyres make no odds on the climbs. to date its always been dry so any tread has worked on the downs. The enduro ratio du jour of 32/42 will be fine.


    Protection is more important than fast rolling. you probably want something to dig in on the grass so i’d avoid a semi slick


    Hi all,
    I’m doing the sprint for the first time ever.
    I have 2 questions on gearing and rear tyres….
    First up – I’ve heard that the climbs are brutal and that the descents are fast and sketchy.
    Is it better to gear for a long day climbing or do you actually have to pedal the descents and need top end?
    Second. I understand that grip is important and so an aggressive front is needed (probably a continental baron Projekt for me) ,but does an aggressive rear (baron Projekt) bear dividends or does a semi slick cope and help with the transitions?
    Probably opened a vicious discussion, so go and enlighten/confuse me 😆

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