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  • toby1

    Firstly, has anyone ever used one?
    Secondly, how much did it cost and would you recommend it?

    I have an external drive with a large collection of photos on, that has been dropped and no longer seems to mount, you can hear the actuator arm hitting to stopper so I’m guessing either the head is damaged or the motor to spin the disk is shot.

    I know I should back up, I tried it with a NAS disk once but was horrendously slow so I bailed, I will look to resolve this this time round though!


    I know I should back up, I tried it with a NAS disk once but was horrendously slow so I bailed,

    Most of us have been there! And lost data!

    I use SATA HDDs in an eSATA connected external HDD caddy. Only the first every backup to each HDD is slow. I use SyncBack software.

    Sorry, can’t offer any help with data recovery.


    Cheers Tucker, time to start looking into solutions like yours 🙂

    I had this about four years ago, I had a back up which was a total mess so I deleted everything from the back up to make room for a new image and as soon as I deleted it the dog pulled my lap top off breakfast bar and boom went the lap top,

    I had the HD sent to these:


    It cost about £300 😯 but honestly, worth every penny. They found all of my personal stuff in usual places and then sent it to me on a load of DVD’s with it all on,

    Very good quick service.


    Get in touch with my friend Eric at http://www.datarecovery.com.au – he’s a genius. He is based in Australia, but comes to the UK from time to time, plus he has an associate in the UK who is similarly brilliant. If Eric and Steve can’t recovery your data nobody can.



    Geordiemick00 +1

    Fields Data Recovery were very good last time I used them!


    Sort of related question – if “a friend” useD a data recovery firm to recover data, how exposed are they to legal repercussions relating to the data that is recovered?

    To be clear, this is not a Gary Glitter scenario, nor do I my friend have a disk full of bomb making instructions and flight timetables.

    However, if, hypothetically, a friend had a damaged hard drive and, hypothetically, said hard drive was chock full of MP3s and, hypothetically, they might have difficulty in proving that they owned an original, licensed copy (e.g. a CD) of said MP3s, would the data recovery people dob me in? I mean, dob in a hypothetical person in this hypothetical situation?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    first thing to do is stop plugging it in to hear it making funny noises!

    Then contact one of the above.

    edlong – copyright theft I doubt anyone would worry. illegal images – expect the long of the law to find you.

    b r

    I know I should back up, I tried it with a NAS disk once but was horrendously slow so I bailed, I will look to resolve this this time round though!

    Why would that matter. Connect up last thing at night. Setup transfer. Come back in morning.

    Premier Icon MSP

    I have 20gb of legally owned music, and hundreds of gb of legally owned films and tv series, how is a data recovery service going to check if its legal or not, they won’t even care.

    Actually I am still not sure if ripping purchased dvd’s and blue rays is actually legal, I thought they were going to legalise it, and it is generally an accepted practice that law enforcement has no interest in, but I think it may still be technically against the law.

    @ edlong

    I had shed loads of frankie vaughn on my HD (a lot of it home made 😆 ) and i had to tell them where it all was to recover it, I still got great service and still have the footage of my and several of my ex’s on holiday 😉

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    These days you should upload your photos, for example you get 1TB of storage with Flickr and you can keep all photos private. I have a Mac so backup is incremental via Time Machine which runs every day so takes only a few mins max, I’m sure there is a Windows equivalent.

    Good luck with the recovery, if it’s a hardware failure with crashed heads it could be a fruitless and expensive , I’ve recovered data from a “non booting” hard drive using a friends computer and setting the “broken” disc up as a slave, a professional outfit can do this very easily but it does sound like your problem is worse.

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    Aaaand… He’s gone! 🙂

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