Happy tenth birthday BasqueMTB

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  • Happy tenth birthday BasqueMTB
  • scuttler

    Call it an infomercial if you’re cynical but Doug’s helped out countless people on here over the years as well as providing some of the best mountain bike holidays people have had if the amount of recommendations is to go by. So happy birthday BasqueMTB (coincidentally you’re exactly as old as one of my kids).

    Ten Years of Mountain Bike Holidays


    Blimey Doug that’s flown by. Nice one!

    Well done Doug and co., just shows what you can pull off if you put the hard yakka in and have the right ingredients at hand!

    I arrived in Euskadi about the same time (I remember the rain that winter!) – I was just a roadie back then, but the first time I stumbled down the “All Along the Watchtowers” descent on a borrowed hardtail, I knew there was something special going on here. Went out and bought a mountain bike the same day.

    I’ll leave you a pint of Imparable behind the bar in Pub Drop, if you’re ever in town without the van!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    It still confuses me why I’ve not been out with Doug yet. It’s very much on the list though.


    Nice one Doug.

    Well done!

    Premier Icon jrdubya

    Happy Anniversary Doug! Hope to join you again one of these days 🙂

    Premier Icon Akers

    Well done Doug and the BasqueMTB team.
    One happy customer here. Look forward to seeing you again later this year.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Congrats! Still dying to get down their way and see it for myself

    Premier Icon tuboflard

    First time customer later this spring. Can’t wait!

    Hey Scuttler, thanks a lot! I really appreciate that. Its been a crazy ride and I can´t believe it has been 10 years either. I think we were talking about 9 years ago Jedi, when you were just making the change too.

    Hey Bob, I always stick my head into Bar Drop when I’m in town to see if you’re in there. Hopefully I´ll see you sometime soon and I´ll share a beer with you! Mackem, eskerrik asko!

    And thanks to everyone who has come out and visited, its always been a pleasure. And thanks to all the people who are even just thinking about a future visit. The truth is that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for STW, either thanks to help from Mark etc or thanks to advice from the forum and people sharing their experiences about our trips. I know that sometimes the forum gets a bad rap but the truth is it is an amazing place and has changed lots of peoples lives. I check it every day and have done for the past almost 20 years!

    Cheers everyone!

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