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  • Happy Solstice
  • A very happy solstice to one and all, and especially those riders who were out to see the sunrise!

    Hope everyone who is out in the day time riding has an awesome day too 😀

    Ah maybe just me then 🙂

    So has anyone got back from a ride and got pics from today yet??

    Premier Icon Drac

    I seen it when I was picking up someone up off the streets, doesn’t quite have the same effect.

    That could mean many different things so I’d best not comment on your special moment this morning.


    Would have ridden there to see it, but you can’t take bikes in. No way am I leaving a bike unattended with 35000 people about. Sustainable transport policy seems to consist of massive car park and a few buses. Hey ho, Avebury is a superior site anyway. Did you go Simon? If so, what were the cycle lockups actually like? Protected by security?

    Er – I wasn’t at Stonehenge I was at Lincluden College in Dumfries!

    I have been inside Stonehenge a couple of times but not for the Solstice. The National Trust (or the trust that runs it) allow 20 or so people in at 6am every morning to do their thing which is good.

    I was planning to do my ceremony at The Twelve Apostles henge just outside of Dumfries but today there were cows in the field so decided to go here instead.


    Is that true Simon about the 6am thing? Never knew that, thanks for the info, might get up there for a visit then. Don’t see the point of walking round it at 100m distance. English Heritage run it (badly) by the way.

    Rich – Yep!

    Thing is there are some great spots I know for solstices away from madding crowds, such as Thornborough Henges and all sorts.


    Just back from an epic train’n’bike to see the solstice at Waylands Smithy – no-one around last night/this morning, just me and the ghosties 😀


    About to head out for my Solstice evening ride. Beautiful evening -couple of hours around Hayfield followed by a toast to the summer. Anyone else heading out tonight?

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    3 AM start this morning to get to the top of Worcestershire Beacon on the Malverns in time to see the inside of a cloud 🙁

    Then went to laugh/yell encouragement at the MM competitors at the obelisk at other end of the hills.

    Home for 8:30 for muchos fathers day pampering from my daughter….what a perfect day!

    Happy Solstice to one and all!



    Just saw the Stonehenge solstice footage on the news and the horrendous amount of rubbish left behind . . . why!! . . . very sad 🙁

    Hope yours was happier.

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