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  • Happy rides thread :)
  • Sue_W

    Had a somewhat tough day (lots of problems at work plus in final stressful stages of house selling with my ex-partner) Came home feeling really down, surfed round STW and realised that I used to always feel cheered up and inspired to ride by accounts from others about what fun they’d just had out on their bikes. But I couldn’t find any ‘happy riding’ threads!

    So, there was only really one answer … start my own happy riding thread 🙂

    Which means I had to go for a ride – grabbed my ‘cross bike and headed out for a spin in the evening sun. Fantastic! Through the wonderful Victorian seaside kitchness of Llandudno, hugging the coast road round the Great Orme watching the gulls and cormorants come in to nest, seeing the sun setting over Anglesey, and spinning past the beach towards Conwy.

    Now I’m hot, sweaty, a bit knackered, and smiling again. So, those of you who’ve been out having fun on your bikes today, tell us about it – it might even inspire someone who’s a bit down to get out and ride 😀


    I fixed my Humu, me and my son rode to the chippy, and then ate chips by the canal before crossing the railway line where we spotted a rare one carridge train. After the grumpy baastard I’ve been all day it was a welcome therapy! Happy rides 🙂


    i rode into work in torrential rain
    i rode home in torrential rain
    i got wet to my undercrackers both times
    it was ace………. 8)


    I had a ride yesterday evening through the mountains of North WEst Norfolk – just brought a smile to my face.

    That is all.



    All I managed was a ride to the shop today. Still enough to put a smile on my face 😉


    Did a new ride on Sunday morning ending in a section of woods not far from home which have some brilliant trails in. Good ride + big smile on my face.

    Premier Icon lowey

    I blog every ride for the memories to read when I’m too old to ride. Some are funny, some are not… but its all good.


    Thanks peeps! Keep ’em coming …

    Rachel – I did a few days touring round the mountains of Norfolk on my bike the other week – loved it! Absolute maze of minor back lanes to get lost in.

    Ton – biking must be the only activity where you can wet your pants and still smile 🙂

    I rode a couple of miles to the shops – but along a nice old railway line. I realised how much yesterdays ride took out of my legs.
    However yesterdays ride was great – Up into the pentlands in the evening, seeing the sunset and the haar over the river, rode a bit of trail I hadn’t for ages. A nice mix of open moorland, twisty bits thu trees, open easy trails and stuff yo need to concentrateon. 30+ miles wit a bunch of folk off here (after 10 miles in the day running errands)

    Tomorrow will be a trip to glentress to meet up with some friends. Looking forward to that as its a while since I have been.

    A good ride always makes me feel better 😉

    Premier Icon althepal

    Rode to work tonight,after redo ing to try and got as much saddle time in as possible. Hard when I work 7 nightshifts on then 7 off, with a baby boy in the house! Was a very pleasant 12 miles with the sun shining. Almost beat my prev pb and that was when it was just over 10 miles to the old station.. Happy days. Not sure I fancy the cycle home again after my shift tho!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    All mine are here http://a-pic-a-ride.blogspot.com/

    Premier Icon gothandy

    I decided to take a slightly different route to work yesterday.

    Went hammering down this narrow steep hill, only to come around the last corner and see a massive lorry blocking my way. He got his brakes on straight away to be fair, but I was going way to fast, so headed for the sketchy steep verge. As I exited verge having cleared the rear of the lorry without injury I was smiling a lot!!

    Not sure it qualifies as a happy ride but felt bloody lucky after 🙂

    Premier Icon Stiggy

    First time at Brechfa yesterday, rode the Raven with a couple of friends, absolutely brilliant, soggy but grinning ear to ear! 😀

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Well this is an Excellent thread, whooop.

    Can’t say I’ll post every time I rideout, but sure enough you’ll get some edited highlights.

    The Best thing about busted relationships is the recentering of finding the things you like and apreciating the beauty of this world we live in..

    Good thread.


    Horrendous rain forecast for the afternoon and evening so there was only one thing for it… get up at six and hit the forest for two hours before heading to work.
    My plan worked brilliantly; riding through the forest with the dew soaked spiders webs glinting as the sun broke through the early mist was a lovely start to the day.
    Shame I had to go to work after but heyho… and at 2pm the heavens opened… 😆

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    cracking ride on the local hill last night and saw the biggest fallow stag i`ve seen in 20ish years. 🙂


    Working up in Moray yesterday so took my bike with me and stopped in at Laggan on the way back. First loop in the dry was ace but the heavens opened for the 2nd loop and it was a bit sketchy including a nice over the bars incident but I still had a smile on my face. I think the black loop at Laggan might be the best bit of trail centre anywhere. 🙂

    Brechfa was AMAZING !!!! Top ride Stiggy ! 😆


    I rode from Marple to Hyde along the canal towpath this morning. First cycle commute to my new job. Canal towpath sucks, but riding rocks 🙂


    Went out last night… Legs were heavier than expected after Tuesdays ride but, had to do it..
    One of my ‘new favourite’ loops revisited – last time there I’d had a proper Superman OTB moment, thankfully no serious damage to man or bike, just a big bruised and grazed right leg and a big dint in confidence (cycling alone, middle of the moors, and being self employed it served to make me think…..too much..)
    So, went out specifically to ride the section that took me out last time, an innocuous little step..took me 3 attempts but did it… 🙂
    Next stop Sunday – The Boys are off for a big day out – if we can only agree where to go….!


    Next stop Sunday – The Boys are off for a big day out – if we can only agree where to go….!

    We’re riding Sunday, can we play out? Happy to guide if you fancy coming over this way


    Wednesday 3rd August wife day off feeling bored ride along canal got to Sale then I had a idea….
    Train from Navigation Road station to Delamere Forest. had a little ride round, back on train and back home along the canal. Wonderful time and just over 40 miles.

    Took BigDummy out into the Peak last weekend for a final pre-wedding (mine not his) ride and a test out of his new Trek Remedy. Ace weather, brilliant riding, good cake.

    Have re-discovered the joy of riding an mtb after a couple of years of not being able to ride anything. Rode Jacobs ladder, the Beast etc. Fell off Remedy on the Beast, laughed, got back on and rode some more.

    Facial scarring has all died down in time for wedding tomorrow!


    Went over to the FOD yesterday afternoon, just for a couple of hours – ended up over four hours. Tried the new Verderers Blue , loved it, at speed(well my speed) it can get sketchy if you go right to the edge of track onto the loose, and the last couple of miles are a hoot. Credit where its due, everyone I met thought it was great. (As an aside saw quite a few without helmets – not really advisable on this “Blue” and I’ld hate to think it would get too sanitised if one of them does himself in – perhaps a big warning sign at start)

    All in all ended up doing two and a half laps on the Verderers, one of the Freeminers and a couple of other bits of singletrack of old Enduro route. Even a couple of punctures didn’t spoil a great afternoon/evening.

    Rode up to High Beech in Epping Forest on Tuesday, nice and quiet, water dripping through the leaves from the morning’s rain to cool me down a bit, nice cheese and ham roll at the tea hut, then back down towards home. Found a little lost dog looking quite confused and a bit upset near South Woodford, so took him onto a nearby street, where several locals got involved in trying to find out if he belonged to anyone who lived there. Turned out he did, but the owners were of course out looking for him. Went back into the forest and found them. They were quite upset, but overjoyed to get their dog back again. Felt some good karma, rode home happy. 🙂


    I did a local 10.5 mile time trial round Loch Creran and knocked 45 seconds off my P.B. That was a happy ride (including the vomit in mouth half way round) after a very stressful day in the office.



    Yey – this is great! Has brightened up my lunchtime no end (well, along with the chocolate truffle that someone put on my desk as a thank you …) Thanks all of you – you’re are my favouritist happy riding people!

    Everything from rides with your kids, commuting to work, local rides, far away rides, trail centres and natural uplands, flat places and hilly, good karma and lucky escapes, road riding and mountain biking … just wanted to say that it goes to show …

    Ain’t riding bikes brilliant 😀

    Had just the best day out on Wednesday a proper “this is why” (copyright Jo Burt!) moment.

    There’s a video, of it all HERE

    Hope you enjoy it, we did!



    I was ill on Sun/Mon/Tues (virus? weak, achy, headache etc)
    Work has been the worst week ever (I’m in sales so that means very little income)
    Kids really stressing mrsnacho out all week, so I was also getting a bit stroppy/stressed.
    Went out on my bike with a couple of friends last night. Did a (small) gap jump (don’t normally do them) and a big (for me!) jump at a higher point that I have done it before. Could only pootle as I still wasn’t 100% but that ride made me feel sooooo good after such a rubbish week. I love riding my bike.

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