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  • druidh

    Mrs Druidh will be on call from 15:00 on Christmas Day to 7:00 on Boxing Day. An early lunch and an abstinence from alcohol will be necessary so that she can respond to assist those recently discharged from hospital and who have a care package in place. The likelihood is that any “emergencies” will be from folk setting off their alarm in error 🙂

    I make that the first Christmas she’s not actually been on shift since 2005?


    I used to be one of these 999 types. They work bloody hard. Life isn’t always easy for them.

    But you’ll be Ok, life’s not so bad. But you’d be surprised.

    Take 30 seconds out of your life to think about the people who keep you safe.


    Merry Christmas

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Start nights on boxing day. Merry Xmas all!

    Haven’t needed any of you guys/gals to come and detach my battered body from some random tree so far. Still, it’s reassuring to know you guys are out there. Big respect to you all.

    Premier Icon downshep

    I was due to be working lateshift on Christmas day but a colleague has stepped in as I have youngsters. First Christmas off in years, woohoo!


    To all the ambulance crews who have scraped me off various bits of road over the years – I thank you and I wish all emergency crews a very Cool Yule. I hope you aren’t called upon too often xxx


    +1. I hope not to see any of you in the near future 🙂

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    This year i’m working the two days before, Christmas day off (1st christmas at home with Tasha) then back in for 4days.
    Merry Christmas to all 😀


    + 1 and thanks ! .. I’ve done well with my shifts this year both Christmas and new year. I’ve had my fair share of Nottingham city centre this period.


    thanks to all those who will be looking out for us as they do all year round. Managed to avoid the biggies myself and only on call 27th to 30th this year ( Still haven’t told the missus i’m on call then though….. been waiting for the right moment, as it were!)


    This Sticky post or whatever you want to call it and a few of the things I’ve read has dimininished my soft anyway heart so I feel soft enough to give over to the poor blokes over in foreign countries doing their best to ….IRAQ- oil. AFGANISTAN-OIL.. our economies are weakeniing without oil.Its just losss of life for economies control etc, so what, your mate is dead…600000 civilians. did ou see that one… that fact..


    Happy Christmas all!!

    I’m a PC and my shifts this Xmas are poo 🙁 Today and tomorrow 17×0230, Xmas and Boxing day 23×07. At least i’m at home with family but no mulled wine for me.

    Thanks for comments 😛


    Premier Icon langylad

    Thanks all, some nice sentiments. Us public servants can get a little down when reading through some of the threads on here. I’ve hit really lucky this year, just one early over christmas and the new year. It will make a change from coming in off nights, waking the kids up to open the presents and feeling crap for the rest of christmas day.


    Don’t forget the all the Power workers, keeping your lighting and heating going!


    Nice one! thanks for doing your best and on behalf of all of us thankyou! 😀

    I have scored big time this year.xmas night and boxing night off as exta annual leave! Luck of thr draw 😉 working new years day and auld years day will be poooo.
    However i personally think its worth it as the shift system im on has enabled me to enjoy lots of time seeing my baby son grow up. Stay safe one and all


    Im with the police im working all over Christmas im affraid 🙁

    Afters tomorrow and then nights and PSU over New Year

    Merry Xmas to all on here however!

    Safe riding in 2012


    Happy Xmas all. I’m not the biggest fan of the police, but they were properly good when someone broke into my house just recently. Cheers fellas.

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    Not had many Christmas times off since 1991 what with the army and now fire service getting in the way but off for this one 😉

    Keep safe all and all the forces too

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    I’m on search and rescue callout roster. First one today at 10am, thankfully old boy wandering but was found. Perfect weather so a matter of time before the inevitable p1ssed people in inflatable dinghy with no gear and broken motor heading for Antarctica. Off at 2 so can have few beers. Well done all those others.

    jonah tonto

    thank you to all of them looking after us while we eat and drink.

    especial personal gratitude to the two paramedics who came and took my nan to carmarthen A+E, (when most people we sitting down for a massive meal).

    the lovely, patient, nurses who were cheerful, and caring (if i was in charge your wages would be double. nurses do not get paid enough)

    and the two skilled doctors who sewed her back up, especially the one who did the ear stitching (that was some skill you showed there and if i ever see you up at afan ill tow you to the top of whytes)

    truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, to all our emergency services. not just now but all year round


    spent 3 hrs in chester A and E with my elderly Mum yesterday – she slipped out walking – everyone was great – thank you!

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    Cheers again guys it’s nice to here some praise and it’s appreciated. We normal only here from the moaners.

    I had a steady shift with nothing too bad so made for a pleasant day really. We managed to have a small dinner with some snacks and things, plus a game of monopoly. Best of all I got finished on time which is rare and was a bonus I’m on holiday this week.

    Cheers again folks.


    District nurse due here to change my lads dressings on his liver transplant wound. Turned up yesterday at 8.oo am cheery lady too. Bless ‘um all .

    Cant thank the hospital staff enough (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham).


    When i started this thread it was with genuine support for the emergency services, and a big thankyou for all the hard work.

    Sadly in the last week everytime i turn on the news ,somebody has been stabbed, shot or killed, houses have been deliberately blown up,buildings set on fire and more,even some idiot ringing up because he had run out of toilet roll.

    Just why dont these idiots and killers, just chill out and stop overwhelming our hard pressed emergency services, someday, just perhaps they may themselves need to call upon their help, and they want respond as fast as they should do, because somebody has been stabbed or shot, for a pointless argument, that could have been avoided.

    And thats without all the drink related injuries and violence.

    Best wishes for the New Year

    Premier Icon Woody

    Thanks for all the kind wishes and commiserations to those who had to work.

    Just back from Christmas with the folks in Scotland and 3 days back at work starting tomorrow. It’s been fairly manic by all accounts but…… I’m off for New Year too and going to make the most of it as it’s never happened before and won’t happen again for a very long time 😀


    Survived nights on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day – not unsurprisingly every job on Christmas Eve was a scrap and every job on Christmas Day was a domestic.

    On the plus side I got my most satisfying arrest of the year last night – bloke banjoed his wife, cuts himself and goes on the run with a carving knife. It a rural area and we’re conducting an area search for the offender when I just catch a glint of light in the corner of my eyes in a small copse near the road I’m on. I get my partner to drive me a short distance away. I jump out quietly and walk back into woodland with night viz. I got within 25 metres and see clearly our fella stood on a footbridge over a weir. I then guide a dog handler in by radio. Luckily the water over the weir is fairly loud and we both sneek up and jump out on him. Sadly he was so shocked he didnt put up a fight or use the knife.

    Turns out the light I’d caught in the corner of my eye was his mobile phone going off when a Bobby at his home address tried to persuade him to give himself up. Talk about being in the right place at the right time; beautiful; I really love my job sometimes.

    I’m actually ‘fortunate’ to be working this year – on a Christmas night out a few weeks ago I fell on a broken beer pitcher which buried itself 2″ into my upper thigh, nicking an artery in the process. Luckily some incredibly kind and (fortunately sober) paramedics were also at the same venue as me and jumped into action. I had to have surgery under a full general anaesthetic the following day and only had the stitches out this week. Possibly shouldnt be back to work, but its bloody great at times and got cabin fever as soon as I started light duties.

    Happy Christmas all!! and thanks to all the folks at Stapleford EMAS depot.


    I’m always amazed at the amount of money compared to the hours and shiftwork that our brave emergency service staff earn for their dedication to their jobs. They should be paid way more. We salute you. Thank you.


    Thanks everyone, nice to know there is some support here. Was off Christmas day but copped for everything else, off new years eve as well which is a bonus. Life in a blue suit, as they used to say!


    Ah, this is nice! Thank you.
    I was working both Christmas and Boxing night. Got to raise a few smiles at a few false alarms but also unfortunately saw others lose almost everything. Never nice to see but perhaps more so at this time of year.
    Off at the moment but back on Hogmanay.
    Have a happy New Year and stay safe folks!



    “and every job on Christmas Day was a domestic.”

    I was driving around Huddersfield on Christmas day seeing parents, Aunts, Uncles, inlaws, cousins etc and I was abit surprised at the number of Ambulances with lights on driving about.

    Excess/too much sauce? Results of domestics? It wasn’t a case of no cars out so they stuck out more either.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Illness doesn’t take a break Hora, we were fairly busy again this Xmas and apparently it’s been hectic all this week with the revellers and there’s been a lot of serious accidents. I’ve been on holiday this week though so hopefully when I go back on Monday it’s starting to settle a bit.


    [Hat off]. My bad day primarily involves me being warm, out of the elements with no one in my face pushing me or the risk of saliva/blood potential infection.

    In life i’ve come across alsorts on a infrequent basis. Last week I was talking to an ex-Hacienda bouncer at the gym who had just been released from Strangeways for a 3month stint due to an assault on a Bailiff and Police Officer. I know you guys meet such people sometimes very frequently and when they aren’t happy at all. I had a mate when I was into the acid era who fell out with a gang of nutters in a pub, went home got a knife and stabbed most of them. You treat such people. [/Hat off].


    There seems to be a huge rise in serious assaults and murders this year along with serious RTC,s.

    Frustration, drink, drugs fueled,but somebodies got to pick up the pieces, and they never refuse.

    Then theres all the poor people who are actually ill, nd need help and transport to a hospital.


    Wifey worked A and E over Christmas and then we bumped into an assault on the way home early hours new years day, which she helped with while waiting for the ambulance crew.. Never off duty.

    New found respect for the police too, first officer on the scene (packed kebab house) only looked 18 and properly scared.

    I raise a glass to you all, I could not do it!

    And can you all stop falling off, every one seen by my wife is a small chip into my ticket to ride (on health and safety grounds) 😆


    belated season wishes to all above.

    I’ll add in the restaurant industry as well, since i’ve worked 18 out of the past 20 xmas days/boxing days NYE etc.
    We’re guaranteed to be busy on xmas day and its non stop hard (crazy at times)work from 7am to 8pm (for me). When they say ‘ its a shame your working xmas day’ i always smile and sarcastically tell them if i didn’t then where would all my customers eat?. But if there willing to pay £50 a head then i’ll gladly take there cash 🙂


    Plenty of others too. All the people on the rigs and in the powerstations keeping your lights on

    And the tubedrivers….;-)

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