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  • Hanging curtain rail/roller blinds in a UPVC conservatory
  • samuri

    Hopefully someone out there has experience of this.
    My wife wants some roller blinds or curtains (she’s not made her mind up yet) hung up over the windows in our conservatory. But it’s all UPVC frame and I’m not sure how to hang stuff up in there. She reckons it’s possible to just put screws into the frame but I’m not convinced. I’m fairly certainly it’ll invalidate any warranty at best or break something at worst.

    Any ideas? Ta.


    There is normally trunking type box around the top of the windows, just fix to there

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    Yes you are correct, the warranty will indeed become invalid.

    If she insists Jon, get in touch and I have the number of a really good curtain fitter ( not cheap mind, but won’t cock the job up).

    Edit – There is a velcro compatible 3″ pocket tape that can be sewn onto the top of curtains, then sticky sided velcro can be stuck onto the uPVC. marrying the 2 up.
    Don’t know about the blinds though, you need to get advise about them from an expert.


    Might be worth getting you to give a quote for everything then. We have a lady coming over in a minute to give a quote but there’s something about her I don’t like, dunno. Do you make blinds as well?

    edit: oh.


    If its fixed to the trunking there is no need to drill any metal, its only plastic, it will give enough fix to hold blinds

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    Do you make blinds as well?

    – Not rollers, but Romans.

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    Ha! I’ve just been fitting blinds back up after having the DG done (UPVC as well).

    I bought some of this: http://www.postapes.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=60&cat=Double+Sided+Foam+Tapes+1103+-+White%5Dand applied 2 or 3 strips to the back of a wooden baton what I had painted white (to match the frame). the fittings were screwed into the baton. Bob (apparently) is my uncle.

    BTW the tape, by the time you add vat and P&P was about £18!

    Hope this helps,


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    Yes your warranty will be toast.

    There are a few systems that dont require any drilling or screws fitted into the UPVC.



    Amazes me at times people will spend thousands on a conservatory, yet put the cheapest of blinds up.

    Really depends on what style of blinds you want, email me if you want more product info.


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