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  • TooTall

    I didn’t see this anywhere on here, and given who might be a target audience….

    The Hands Off My Bike Challenge Prize is calling on people from all over the UK to come up with breakthrough innovations to make it more difficult to steal bikes and have the potential to increase numbers of people cycling in the UK.

    Bikes have always been targets for thieves. Cyclists are more likely to have their bikes stolen than motorcyclists or car owners. Last year over 500,000 bikes were stolen in the UK (one each minute), with a recovery rate of under 5 per cent. It has been estimated that of the 17 per cent of cyclists that experience bicycle theft, 66 per cent cycle less often and 24 per cent stop altogether.

    The winning innovation will be the one that requires the longest time to steal the bike. The innovation will be also judged on the impact on the environment, cost and potential for commercialisation and/or implementation at scale.

    The winner will receive a prize of £50,000.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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