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  • atlaz

    I’d call them if you can. If you can’t then email is fine, if a bit cold/detached.


    Depends on what your relationship with your boss is like. If hes a good guy, the courtesy of calling would be appreciated if hes a goon a nice cold detached email will be just fine.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    offered the job, or offered, accepted and signed on the line ?

    notice comes after signing IMO

    Merak, well put.


    Don’t totally agree. Making a good impression on exit is better than making a crap one. If you have a choice, make the resignation personally rather than by post. You never know when you may meet/need people again


    Hi all,

    Just want to pick your brains – If you’d been offered a new job & wanted to hand in your notice while your bosses are abroad, is it acceptable to send it in an email?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Depends if you need to get your notice in whilst they are on holiday or if it can wait until they get back.

    If it can wait (and I am sure most bosses would allow a day or two leeway on whatever your notice period is if they will be back shortly) then I would wait.

    If they are off for the next couple of weeks and you can’t speak to them over the phone I would email them but start it something along the lines of:

    I am really sorry to have to do this by email but unfortunately given the timing of events etc…


    Danny B


    If they’re on hols, hand it in writing to whoever’s minding the store, or the boss secretary: either should know what to do. That’s once you’ve had the expected offer in writing.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Depends entirely on the organisation… When my boss is abroad, he runs everything by email, but tries to operate as normally as possible- I’d hand in my notice by email, if I had to, without giving it a second thought. But not everywhere is like that.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    If I had offered someone a job, then been asked to extend the start date for a week, so that they could tender their resignation in a more dignified & respectful way; then I’d know I were employing a good un’ & would be patient.


    I would say it also depends on the notice period compared to how long the boss is away, and what the boss is able to do while away. The main reason for the notice period is to give the company / boss time to find a replacement, so if you send your months notice to HR and the boss only finds out after 3 weeks, or you email the boss but he/she can’t do anything until back in UK, you won’t be popular.


    Maybe your bosses would like to offer you a million pounds to stay. I’d speak to them first.

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