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  • Ok my knowledge of road bike parts is slim. I’m competing in some long sportive this year and need new wheels badly!!! Been looking at wheels a while now but just have not hit the buy button. Been eyeing up Mavic Ksyrium Elite S wheels but I’m wondering what I could get in the way of hand built wheels for the same money and where is good to get wheels built?


    I got mine from this chap: Leadout Cycles

    Pretty quick build, excellent value and excellent wheels. Very happy with them for the price, and although I didn’t have to change or specify much I have no doubt that he would be very helpful in speccing exactly what you need.


    Harry Rowland builds my wheels. He is excellent. But he will build what you need, not necessarily what you want 😉 . Give him a call to discuss budget and intended use. He will give you an honest quote, reasonable price and rapid build. He’s just built me two new sets – one a rebuild.

    For sportives, I’d lean away from Ksyrium Elites. Mine are very stiff. For the same money (possibly less), I have chosen Dura Ace hubs, Sapim black spokes and alloy nipples and CXP33s ( you could also have Open Pros). They’ll be 200g heavier but a better ride. Mine are wearing 25c Schwalbe Ones with latex inner tubes and the ride is magnificent.


    I’ve just got a set from Just Riding Along.
    Excellent service, great website for custom speccing your wheels, and quick responses to opinions/ queries.
    Not ridden the wheels in anger yet though but they look good if that counts for much.


    Harry Rowland is a legend, if you haven’t got a local builder that you can trust through word of mouth, then you can’t go far wrong with either him or Big Al at Wheelcraft – IMO worth the small premium over wheels from one of the online retailers

    if cheapness is your priority, Merlin or CRC can be a bargain, Stif are good value and a reliable build

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    Nuther vote for Harry Rowland.
    I was building up my first decent road bike and discussed with Harry.. his recommendation was based on my ‘needs’ (and budget) and not my ‘wants’… and the build quality has given me long lasting robust wheels.

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    Have a look at strada, and I’ve heard lots of good things about this guy:


    Nothing particular about that page, couldn’t remember his name and searched for a couple of things I’d remembered from his site


    If you’re in Scotland then it would be criminal not to get Big Al at Wheelcraft in Clachan of Campsie to build you them. Don’t ask for black spokes and do take biscuits. You’ll be there for a while…


    If you’re anywhere near Notts then Scott Gamble at Pro Bikes in Hucknall is a good wheel builder.

    If you live in East Anglia and know Simon Daw of CC Sudbury, then ask him nicely – he was a building legend throughout Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk back in the day, having built several thousand during his 16-odd year career as a wheel builder.

    I worked with him at the now defunct Buckley Saxon Cycles.

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    Pianni – was the wheelbuilder of choice for Robert Millar (and if he can satisfy a fussy bugger like robert then he must be good) and built Michael Hutchinsons track wheels for his attempt at the hour record


    Another vote for Big Al at Wheelcraft. If a wheel builder can make it into an Oor Wullie cartoon that’s better than a Michelin star as a restaurant recommendation.


    Dave Hinde ?……. oh no, wait a minute ..


    I’m going to go with brakes and recommend Just Riding Along – had a really nice pair built over a year ago and they’re still going strong.

    Really good guys to deal with, quick responses to website queries or phone calls.

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    Rich at Keep Pedalling in Manchester is good, did a rebuild of my trashed rear on the commuter which was no mean feat


    Hewit Cycles

    built my Tiagra hubs / Mavic Open Pro a few years ago and they have been perfect despite me being heavy and hitting plenty of holes. The rims are now worn which is a shame as they have stayed true year after year.


    This set of wheels look like the dogs danglies http://www.ubyk.co.uk/orbea-rallon-x-team-650b-2014/15507
    I would buy that instead!!

    cycle-fast.co.uk in Halifax built me a pair of lovely Hope/Mavic Open pro for my Croix de Fer. Still perfectly true. Good price too.

    Andy Whitworth at Try Cycling in Huddersfield gets my business.

    Thanks dave, I’m just holding off waiting to see if the Spaniards actually send you a bike rather than hollow promises via email.


    Where are you BBQ? South West Bike Builders in glouscester did my open pro/hope build – pleasure to do business with.

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