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    inspiring stuff!

    bit dusty in here now.


    Some time ago on STW there was a news piece on a charity event called ‘Hand bikes at Dawn’ where a group of disabled hand bikers were going to attempt to scale Cadair Idris, the second highest mountain in Wales. They needed volunteers to help the event happen, so as a (fairly) local MTB leader I stuck my hand up. This decision lead to one of the most inspirational days I have ever spent on a mountain.

    Please follow the links to find out how they got on.

    Hand Bikes at Dawn – Team fundraising and info page:

    BCC article on our achievement:

    My video of the day:

    My personal fundraising page:

    If you could donate anything towards our supported charities that would be great.

    However, the other aim of this ride was to raise awareness of adaptive mountain biking and that it is possible for the disabled to enjoy riding off-road, something we take for granted. So, if you know anyone who might be interested in this (or not) please spread the word.

    Thanks 🙂


    I just watched this video, it literally choked me up and I’ve got some grit in my eye or something.

    If you ever need to be inspired just check out what these guys did.

    Just “WOW”

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    Absolutely awe-inspiring. The downhill section looked brilliant. Congratulations to the riders and thanks to all the volunteers.


    just Wow… indeedy it’s bit dusty in here too.

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