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  • Hamstring Injury? Advise sort!
  • Diagnosis over the internet is impossible

    However that sounds to me more like sciatica not a hamstring strain – the numb foot is the key

    cycling does funny things to your back – flattens teh lumbar cureve for one

    GP time


    Had to google sciatica, sounded like a granny injury haha

    I hear you about internet diagnosis, to cloud the waters more, ive just read hamstring strains can often lead to numbness as the muscles tense up…

    Trying to get an appointment with the GP at a decent time is harder than getting into the playboy mansion… bloody gp’s 🙄


    So weekend before last I did a couple of rides, one road, one mountai. Monday my right hamstring has a niggle & my right foot is quite numb on the outside behind my small toe, slight niggle i think to myself…

    Feel ok Tuesday morning, so play football Tuesday night, wednesday feel fine.

    Dont ride until friday night, wake up saturday & feels a lil tight, go for a gentle ride, feels pretty tight, rest…

    Yesturday, felt fine again, played football again, once again… fine

    So tonight I head out for a very gentle ride to test Hamstring, can now feel a slight niggle in hamstring & foot…

    Question I have is, why would a gentle cycle bring this on & not an hour of 5 a-side football?

    Im presuming the answer is rest, how long would you suggest? but does this seem a common cycling injury, that only occurs when riding & not running / playing football? seems strange to me?

    Anyone else had similar experiences? any advise? 🙁

    Sounds like a nerve related thing in the bottom of your lumbar spine/coccyx area rather than a hamstring strain. Numbness and the path it’s following suggest this rather than a muscle strain.

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