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  • Hamsterly DH virgin seeks trails with GSOH
  • fergal

    Thinking of having a look at the downhill tracks, are they the domain of hardcore downhillers only, or do some peeps ride them on bigger trail bikes, how gnarly are they ?, could any regulars suggest some fun trails around Hamsterly if these are a little too butch please.

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    Hi Fergal, the Hamsterley Trailblazers will show you around. There’s a ride tonight at 7pm from the visitor centre.
    The DH courses are DH really – not that I ever ride them. No doubt someone will be along in a minute to tell us they’re baby stuff.
    If you want to ride the DH you need a permit from Descend Hamsterley’s hut.


    You’re unlikely to find a better SOH than the lads at Descend Hamsterley.

    If your trail bike is reasonably burly and you have some form of suitable protection you’re unlikely to be laughed out of town. The main top section of track is pretty mellow but some of the lower tracks are a very different kettle of fish altogether. Ridning is considerably easier in dry conditions – these aren’t manmade XC trails.

    Weekends can be a little busy with uplifts so if it’s your first time and you need to take a look at some sections – visiting midweek might be your best bet. Depending on how busy they are one of the guys might be able to show you some of the runs.

    Parking at the DH car park and heading off to do the fun sections of the trail centre is seen as being a bit of a poor show, along with xc helmets, pushing up the DH tracks, wearing lycra, taking yourself seriouslly.


    Hi Fergal
    What bike will you be taking?
    A group of us regularly go on a mix of bikes from 140mm travel full suss to fully blinged up DH bikes and usually live to tell the tale 8)
    Some of the runs are full on dh with big drops but the top section to the hut is quite tame as is the run across the top from the hut.

    I would recommend a full face helmet as a minimum protection though
    We are booked on the uplift this coming Sun if you would like somebody to ride with.
    PS none of us are DH heroes 😉


    Thanks for the info, I will be riding an 160mm Enduro, have recently been playing on the downhill at Innerliethen and really enjoying it, the tracks their are steep and rooty, just looking to mix it up a bit, will be mid week for sure and will certainly not want to hold up any elite riders on a busy weekend.

    Maybe see you down there, you can’t miss me i’ll be wearing a met parachute and budgie smugglers 😆


    You won’t know unless you try. The top section can be ridden by anyone on any bike but if it rattles your confidence a bit then leave the bottom section well alone. There’s loads of lines on the bottom section with the mellower ones heading off to the right so a bit of scope for building up to the steeper more direct stuff.

    The 4x track is also great for going flat out and getting used to jumping. They helpfully start off pretty mellow and get harder as you go. Great for sessioning one straight at a time.

    Add descend hamsterley on Facebook and look out for mid week uplifts. If you plan on doing full runs the push back up will severely limit the number of runs you can manage.

    Edit: just spotted your last post. An enduro is perfect and if you ride inners you’ll find hamsterley very similar.


    certainly not want to hold up any elite riders on a busy weekend

    You will be fine!
    I have found it to be a really relaxed place to ride in regards to that, no one has buzzed my wheel or given me any grief for getting in the way, and I have 😳


    I ride the DH on a 120mm Spesh Camber Comp.

    And what the others have said everyone is really friendly, you will have no issues.

    Add Craig from Descend on Facebook, he will help you with any questions.

    Also Max @ Endeavour Coaching can show you around. He is a great guy and can personally recommend him

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