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  • Hamsterley for beginners
  • MoreCashThanDash
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    We’re staying not far from Hamsterley in a few weeks, and wondering about hiring bikes with my daughter for a ride on the blue route.

    Blue route pootling is as far as we usually get, as gymnastics takes up most of her free time, but she’s keen to give it a go when we get a chance.

    Worthwhile or give it a miss?

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    It’s at least 10 years since I last rode any of the blue route and back then it was mostly all just fireroads. I expect it’s changed since then. Looking at the trail map and it appears to have done so can’t really comment on the current route.

    Honestly, take her anyway even if you don’t go for a ride as there is lots for kids to do at Hamsterley. The playpark is massive. My kids love the place.

    I assume you know you can hire Bird bikes there, they also do kids bikes (think they’re Frogs).

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    The blue from the main car park up to the grove is quite nice. Shared trail that meanders along the contours above the river.

    Beyond the grove it’s a bit dull: fire road up and back to nowhere in particular. Nice enough though.

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    There’s maybe a mile or two of singletrack on the blue route with nothing remotely technical. Enjoyable enough. Depending on ability parts of the red might be more appealing. Accelerator is a good fun section without being technical. They can be joined up by fire roads quite easily.

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    Beware going down accelerator. You need to know where to get off otherwise nitrous will bite you.

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    The Loop skills area is worth a look – it’s quite short but as easy or as hard as you like it to be (you can ride past any tricky bits). My eldest used to love going round and round and round to distraction when he was younger. It’s not far from the cafe/car park either.

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    Thanks guys. Should have said my little girl is 15 now, but the blue sounds about right for her riding ambitions, the skills loop might be fun.

    Bird bikes you say……

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    If you can stand a quite lengthy drag to the top of Poulty’s Last Blast and K-line it’s quite fun. Although it’s Red and some of the obstacles look a bit scary, they ae all roll-able, or have a chicken run round the side. Just be ready to cover the brakes and keep the speed down.

    And a thumbs up for the skills loop, a great place to try and learn a few of the basics, heels down, bum back etc…

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    Ooooh you might be able to demo the new Aeries 9 in that gorgeous blurple colour, that would be fun and an expensive holiday treat when you end up buying it! Depending where in the area you are there is also Dalby which I enjoyed last winter, nice trails there.

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