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  • Haloween and Bonfire night fireworks
  • samuri

    At the risk of sounding like another grumpy old bloke, I agree with you.

    I like the big fires and I like the guys. I like treacle toffee and I love toffee apples but the fireworks do nothing for me and they shit my dog up.

    Halloween is just stupid. Annoys me immensely. It’s an American holiday, not a British one and it’s just begging for no reason. Do one.


    Just been in a supermarket, shelves of plastic tat, haloween wraped sweets and cakes even haloween jaffa cakes,(isnt anything sacred anymore) and fireworks all over priced and use once stuff, just what is the point of celebrating a failed blokes attempt at some fireworks and a celeberation of witches etc.

    Marketing over hype or worth the effort.

    and then we have christmas coming up soon.

    i like the idea of the Nov 5 bonfire night,…its just being freezing, and surrounded by idiots i’m not so keen on, years ago i was that idiot and half bottle of whisky would keep me warm,..how times change!

    the other one is just an excuse to make money off parents!

    Premier Icon Drac

    Bring it on!


    Halloween has been celebrated in some parts of Britain since pre-christian times.


    not like you to be negative eh project???, at the risk of your wrath I enjoy it and so do my kids, where I live everyone makes an effort and its more like a fancy dress street party, you could even say it brings the community together which is a good thing!. all the kids are well behaved without an egg in site, as for bonfire night we usually go to an organized display as it’s better value. Christmas is excellent with family and friends all getting together and again the kids love it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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