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  • j5kol

    As we get closer to a night of little taps on your door every 2mins, i ask myself, what is an acceptable treat to give the little ones. I personally think a few quid per child so that they can treat themselves in Toys R Us, after all sweets etc. is only going to add to the nations obeseness


    I personally think a few quid per child

    Seriously? Are you that rich?

    We get maybe 30-40 kids come to our house, and that’s about 2 days wages for me.

    going to add to the nations obeseness

    A few sweets once a year isn’t going to make anyone obese, is it?

    Give each one of them a gannet on a stick.


    The gift of words – read them each a poem, or perhaps perform a short play.

    I’m going to spend a good hour winding our cats up and then throw them at anyone who knocks on the door.

    A shot of bourbon would be a nice treat.

    Where I live, sweets wouldn’t be treat as they practically consume them by IV infusion. Fat little sods.


    I’m thinking a couple of bottles of Vodka Sourz and some of those disposable shot glasses. Oh how much the parents will love that… 🙂



    I’ve been marinading the jelly babies in liquid Ex-lax all week for the little darlings.

    Raw vegetables are perfectly acceptable treats. The look on their faces as you hand them a potato is priceless.

    You don’t get so many knocking beggars the next year either.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Few quid? Nothing below £20 here.


    My kids have both been out ‘begging’ tonight and are sat on the sofa eating a massive pile of sweets and chocolate. Result! All I’ve had to buy for their tea tonight is 2 cans of fanta!

    Premier Icon Drac

    Orange I hope?

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    We give them iPads, it’s the modern way!

    Currently round friends who live in a family friendly area and in the last half hour we’ve had about a group a minute. I wouldn’t mind but I was hoping that there would be lots left over from 150 odd sweets for me. Would of been very expensive at £2 a pop.

    I’ve made some bubblegum icing Halloween cupcakes out of a box/kit.

    They are vile 🙁


    I just gave one kid £2 and he genuinely looked confused that it wasn’t sweets and his minder just glared at me. I’m not answering the door again. I hate Halloween.


    Just handed some old spring onions to a group of kids whom have made no effort. At least when they chuck them back at the house the damage will be minimal.

    The look on their faces can only be described as confused.


    Keep the doors locked this year, save the £ and next year give a nice treat to your bike, example:

    Oh, did I mention that kids under the age of 13 are not allowed?

    Lemon posset followed by a machiato for our visitors…

    Walked up the pub last night-strange how many houses were in complete darkness–


    We bought some treats but didn’t get one vistor. Then I ate 5 referesher lollies and got wired, next year I’ll buy some chocolates instead.


    Oooooh Shadow now do copper? – that’d look awesome on the Hooker 😈


    I learned last night that the Jehovah’s witness family up the road don’t ‘do’ Halloween, they don’t approve of celebrating evil apparently 🙁

    Ironic they don’t appreciate a festival which involves turning up on people’s doorstep uninvited.. 😀

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