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  • andybanks

    The thread about where to live near Leeds has got me thinking.

    Does anyone know of an off road route from Leeds to Halifax?

    Fancy commuting on the bike a bit more but not fancying the A58 until lighter nights are here.


    Bump for the daytime lot.

    Any ideas?

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    Deffo go though Harden Moor/St Ives and there some good track up from Cullingworth. That could link with LL canal at Bingley. Shibden Valeey sounds good too but I’ve not been.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    have a look at the West Yorkshire Mountain Biking book – there’s a few trails you could link up between Halifax and south east Bradford, into Pudsey

    once you’re there, its quite easy to get into leeds by heading for the canal

    the route home over the north of leeds could include bingley and harden moor, over to Haworth and then over ovenden moor

    Premier Icon rockhopperbike

    I used to from halifax to dewsbury on the spen valley greenway, but that is too far south for most of leeds i guess. maybe get you past the west of bradford though, and then pop you safely onto the other side of chain bar!, after that- not sure- what about through the back of tong?? and then to brambly, an then onto river aire??

    OR the canal towpath pick it up at shipley?

    Premier Icon woody2000

    From where in Leeds? I can get from Gildersome(ish) to Brighouse either offroad or on quiet roads, then you can go canal into Hx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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