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  • Halfrauds.
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    Mate of mine who spanners in a proper traditional LBS reckons that without Halfords and mailorder bike they’d go out of business- sure it costs them sales of bikes, but it keeps the workshop going and the workshop keeps the shop going.

    Though, tbh my nearest Halfords is one of the good ones, it’s a good sign when you walk in and one of the bikehut staff has his own dh bike in the stand working on it. I’ve bought a couple of bikes from them over the years and had mostly excellent service- needed a warranty replacement freehub part, they couldn’t guarantee a fast delivery so they pinched a whole wheel from a display bike and gave it to me. On average they’ve been better than the average bike shop (and much better than Hope 😉 )


    I see them as being one of the biggest threats to the traditional lbs trade

    Maybe the traditional lbs needs to up its game then.

    The ‘halfrauds’ thing is a great way to identify people that can’t think for themselves.

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    Mostly, not always, but mostly the fork on backwards thing happens when a customer asks to the handlebars to be turned 90′ so they can get it in the car. When they get home instead of turning the bars back 90′ they turn the wheel another 90′. Hey presto, the fork is on backwards.

    Alternatively as there is a £20 build charge on a Trax a lot of customers take them away as a boxed bike and build it themselves. Hardly halfords fault if they don’t turn the forks round when they get it out of the box…

    I use my local one mainly for inner tubes lube etc the staff in there rank from being quite good to shocking but i always bear that in mind when I go in,BUT when a work mate who has been bitten by the bug asked where to go to by a bike for about £500/600 pointed him to halfords with a list of suitable brands

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    I just bought some screen wash from them. Its fruits of the forest scented. Saved me £1.99 on a air freshener, I just wash the screen instead. Bastards.

    Maybe the traditional lbs needs to up its game then


    I really try and support my two LBS’s – one fully independent and one that is part of a small (6 shops I think) Scottish chain – but it probably is time to give up on them.

    Things I have tried and failed to buy from them this year – a floor pump, cone wrenches, a torque wrench, a bottle of Stans, brake pads for XT brakes, some grips that aren’t Bontrager, and some bar end plugs.

    I’d even be happy to wait if there was a bit of enthusiasm from the monosyllabic youths that mope about to get the items in, but that doesn’t seem to be an option even if I suggest it! Currently into week 3 of waiting for my bottle of Stans, which needs to travel a whole 65 miles from the big branch.

    Deary me…

    I bought my bike and it was assembled correctly and the gears etc were all set up and indexed right. Bunch of sods they are!!!!

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    I don’t think this has gone the way the op hoped it would

    Interesting to see the impact halfords new relaunched ‘cycle republic’ brand has on the bike industry, especially in London.

    Halfords have announced 30 stores for London, following opening of the first store at Euston Tower.

    Rumours are a buy out and rebrand of existing cycle surgery stores from snow&rock group, as their owner LGV put their entire portfolio up for sale last year following Legal and General winding down their investment arm LGV.

    Cycle republic is headed by the former retail director of Evans Cycles, who has been ‘acquiring’ a number of store managers from said former employer.

    The times they are a changing….


    I don’t think this has gone the way the op hoped it would

    I think it did.

    zero cool

    Damn you Jamie (shakes fist in air!!)

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    I don’t think this has gone the way the op hoped it would

    Not sure why this thread has been resurrected…but pretty much what I was trying to say.

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