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  • Halfrauds in setting up bike stunner
  • Midnighthour

    Decent of you to sort it.

    When I was very new to bikes (early 20’s), I was nearly killed as a result of faulty brake set up done by a bike shop. It certainly encourages you to learn mechanics yourself, I can tell you! Never trusted anyone else to touch it since as at least it will be my own fault if I mess up.

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    It’s not just Halfrauds who do this. I went with a mate to a well know chain because his front wheel wouldn’t mount in a repeatable position and the bars would never sit straight.

    They said it was nothing to worry and could be tweaked at first service. We had to get rather insistant that that take the bike in a deal with the issue.

    If we get no joy, I will more than happily name and shame.

    On my way home from a ride yesterday I stopped in a Blockbuster to pick up a DVD as Saturday night tele seems to have become landlords salvation night again ( picked up Grand Torino, not a bad film actually ).
    Chained to the bike stands outside was a shonky , but clean MTB. A quick glance revealed the amazing mongtards at Halfrauds had assembled the bike and tested it, as per the repetetive adverts on ‘tele, with the front forks the wrong way round! Stunning in its stupidity I know and how it must have ridden who knows. I march in to Blockbuster in my usual quiet voice ” Whose is that death trap mountain bike chained up outside with the front forks on backwards?” . A bloke about 30 poked his round from behind the PS3 games and claimed ownership. He bought it last week from Halfrauds and thought it didn’t ride very well, but what would he know, he’s a bloke ?

    I had my camalbak and therefore tools , so I turned the forks round and gave it a quick eye over. The V brakes were rubbbing on one side , and he had the seat waaaaaaay low, apart from that the rest was in order .

    Unbelievable, but then they did put the brake levers on my nephews bikes pointing at the sky, my sister couldn’t understand why thye never used the brakes, but used the soles of their shoes to stop.

    Shouting at stupid people doesnt make them understand what they fail to grasp in the fisrt place.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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