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  • Halfords, I knew there'd be trouble!
  • ha,

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    Still no idea.

    Not wanting to butt in to your great argument, but the Halfords near me is pretty good – they don’t stock super duper bikes and they don’t know much about bikes, but they don’t claim to be a class bike shop, do they? Now, Evans, don’t get me started – effing useless – recent encounters include claiming not to sell the Diablo brand(?!) of lights and refusing to let me borrow a chain tool – to fit the new chain I had just bought from them. Nice touch. Halfords ain’t so bad.

    I guess, its not so much the fact they aren’t top notch.

    Its more the issue that i get a text saying its reserved and turn up to find they dont have a clue.

    And then i spend ages ringing about but just cant get my hands onn it.

    Likewise MerlinCycles, still a good price, ordered on the friday morning, here this afternoon.

    Fab Company!

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    refusing to let me borrow a chain tool – to fit the new chain I had just bought from them

    Does seem a bit harsh, but there may be some insurance/liability reason if it snapped after 100 yards and you mashed yourself up. I believe this is why bike shops won’t let you take a new bike away boxed up for you to assemble yourself also.

    Actually, I did complain to Evans and someone from their customer service team did call me back; which I was surprised about. Not lending tools was just to do with people nicking stuff in the past. As I was intending to fit the chain in the shop, and the tool was about £4.99, I thought they were just being arsey really. My major gripe with Evans is that they want to be a proper bike shop, but the guys on the tills don’t know a nipple from a flange, so to speak. Best comments so far have been “Avid? Never heard of them”, and “Suspension Fork? Is that for the front or back”. I mean, come on.

    To be fair Halfords are a hit & miss shop. 😐

    Sometimes excellent and at others pretty dire. I would buy a Boardman if they let me build it etc. Really depends who you have spoken to: hobby cyclist or spotty school drop out who doesn’t give a $hite.

    I would have rang way ahead and reserved any item if I was driving that far for any shop tbh. Then you can shout at them if they screw up! 😆

    The light itself is terrible and thank your lucky stars it wasn’t in stock as it’s a waste of cash, terrible lighting -to be seen by others only-still have mine sitting in box after it’s first use as it was terrible to light my way home. 👿

    Save your cash and invest in a quality light for similar cash (Hope Vision 1 if you can stretch twice more). 😀


    “…hit & miss..”
    Is violence the answer…?

    “Halfords only seem to employ morons these days.”

    Not something that they mention on the Halfords web site:
    for example:
    Can do
    Another thing you’ll notice is a tremendous ‘can-do’ attitude which i (sic) still find refreshing and which will always be encouraged in the business.”

    Or look at
    “…..we’re experts at helping our customers find just what they’re looking for….”

    Working at Halfords does appear to have some un-savory moments though:

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    I found it!

    I believe this is why bike shops won’t let you take a new bike away boxed up for you to assemble yourself also.

    With reference to Evans….. I bought a £350 Trek runabout for my stepdad there and was told I’d have to wait for the workshop to give it the once over before I could take it away. I’d noticed that the brakes needed looking at and told them I could do this myself, but no dice.

    Waited forty minutes wandering around the industrial estate, went back and was told (with a withering look) that there was a queue and could I come back in an hour – this was Tuesday morning and there were two other people in the shop….

    Eventually they handed it over – brakes exactly the same (not working at all). I honestly don’t think they even looked at it in the two hours I waited 👿 The whole experience left a pretty foul taste in my mouth, especially the condescending attitude of the staff.

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