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  • Premier Icon seven

    As most have said, every shop is different.

    I recently got a custom build done. I did the basic level of haggling and got 10% off the frame, 20% off parts and a free bikefit and saddlebag. All for just asking “what can you do for me?” Have to say it was great service from start to finish, and I will be recommending them to anybody that listens.

    I tried pricing it up to build myself and couldn’t do it much cheaper 🙂

    On the other hand, I would haggle over low cost items like clothing etc.


    I got some free pedals thrown in and was laughing all the way home but you professional negotiators have opened my eyes to my foolishness.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I put a fair bit of effort into not getting a discount in Icycles in Innerleithen, man’s unstoppable when it comes to not taking your money…

    I would start by getting into some general chit chat, being humble and looking like you are aiming to buy a lower end bike. Eventually work your way up to the actual bike you would like and give it the “hey that looks nice, but a bit out of my budget”

    Haha. I can just imagine it. “Hi I’d like a bike with those springy forks. I think they’d make it a bit comfier and my friend has them… how do you say that? Santa Cruz? I like the green colour. So, is XTR any good?…”

    I’d always ask for discount. It’s the way I was brought up. I actually don’t ask in my LBS but am given it anyway. Last time I built a bike from scratch (mostly 2nd hand parts), they let me use their workshop after hours if “You bring us fish and chips”.


    I got 12.5% from the Specialized Concept store in Harrogate. Plus they changed the saddle and bar tape and set the bike up to the measurements they took.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    If it’s on the floor of the shop then the shop will have paid for it already (or need to) so there may be more room to budge on that front. If it’s order in then it wont help them translate the pile of bikes on the floor into cash.

    As many have said if you want a Spesh (and have the balls to wait) they always get run out end of the year due to the fact they will be new and much better next year and this years will become rubbish.

    If you have never stepped foot in the shop before then see what happens, be nice and try not to be demanding stuff or feeling all entitled.


    And obviously the best way to get a whopping discount in future , is to post the results on a BB on the internet … 😉

    Premier Icon njee20

    As many have said if you want a Spesh (and have the balls to wait) they always get run out end of the year due to the fact they will be new and much better next year and this years will become rubbish.

    Whilst they do discount models they have left at the end of the summer it’s a dangerous assumption that everything will be cheap – they often run out of plenty of things altogether, and it was rumoured they split up a bunch of S-Works bikes for warranty bits rather than have them go cheap.


    Last bike I bought I waited until I saw the manager free and grabbed his attention, told him the bike I was looking at and that I had seen it cheaper online, without saying how much. Told him I’d prefer to buy from him and was there anything he could do? He disappeared, presumably to check online, came back and had matched what I had seen. I would have probably paid a little more than that just to have the shop at my disposal

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    I’m guessing a few of the posters don’t have any experience of running their own business. The costs of running a business, competing with online ‘deals’ etc seem to be killing small businesses.

    When HMV where in trouble people shouted about losing our last high street music retailer BUT I’d guess the same people want a bargain!

    I’m honest with my LBS and they recently told me to buy my new fork online as they couldn’t get anywhere near the price. About 90% (volume not price) my bike related purchases are with my LBS and I hope they are still around in 5 years time!

    Premier Icon roverpig

    My LBS (Edinburgh Bike Co-Op) has two weekends a year where it is 15% off everything, including bikes. So I just decide what I want and wait for those 🙂

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