Haematoma caused by impact to groin/abdomen

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  • Haematoma caused by impact to groin/abdomen
  • Had a freak accident 10 days ago, was hit head on by 2 young kids on motor bike/scooter (?) on a blind bend on TPT near Barnsley. Impact rammed one end of bars into lower abdomen/groin with such force as to break bars off (top of forks sheared through). Resulted in a haematoma size of a tennis ball appearing almost immediately.

    The kids bugqered off without checking if I was ok needless to say.
    Went to A & E had xrays etc, no apparent serious damage. The swelling went down and all felt well enough to try a short walk 4 days later. Probably not a great idea as overnight the ‘lump’ came back – now about size of a small tangerine.
    Been to docs and they are arranging for me to have a scan and say it could possibly be a hernia, they did not seem sure at all to me.

    Anyone had anything similar to this?

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    Derek Starship to the thread, Derek Starship to the thread;

    Mine was a lot lower than that, bruising very similar though not quite as extensive, most of bruising disappearing gradually. Did not take any pics though.

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    Probably not much help but I still have a tea-plate sized haematoma on my thigh from bike accident that happened 10 months ago. It feels like jelly and is cold to the touch. 😯


    c_g – is that ‘okayed’ by a doctor ?
    ( I’m on a six week course of dalteparin for anti-DVT – a boy do I bruise easy)

    Does the lump disappear when you lie down? I gather that hernias can slip back into the abdominal cavity as gravity allows, popping back out when you stand up. Looks a sore one and very colourful. Good luck.

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    Got exactly what you describe Steve. Otb on Snowdon and I landed groin first on the upturned bars. Had very colourful bruising and a purple willy for a while! This was back in October and I’ve been left with a protusion low down on my abdomen that the docs say there’s not much point in doing anything about. When I lie down it goes but standing up its noticeable and if I tense my stomach muscles it sticks right out. Doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort just looks stupid.

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    I picked on up about 5 weeks ago on my left nut 😯


    Things seem to be getting better now but for a couple of weeks it was a bit of a mess.

    Earlier in the year I had some bar end/side of wiener and pubic area interface (as in ODI cap, not XC end pipe). I hit a tree, lost control and the bike landed on it’s side. I landed on it 🙁

    I grazed my chap, had swelling above, scrotal swelling and it radiated into my upper leg too. Apparently there just isn’t much capacity for fluid to accumulate here.

    Walking was awkward and I got quite worried but all’s fine now. Took a month to heal fully.

    Hope you’re ok, that sounds like a horrible thing to happen. Little s***s!

    The lump does look smaller when laid down but I think thats just due to body position. I tried a very short easy bike ride yesterday and it felt ok on bike (knee was sore where I had 3 stitches but that’s another thing), however the lump was a bit bigger afterwards. The groin is also tender, rather like a groin strain from over stretching (like from football etc).
    Just not sure how to continue with recovery ie – rest, light excercise, physio etc.. Docs not that helpful so far.

    PS I’m glad the impact wasn’t nearer the gentlemans bits 😯

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