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  • had to share this (long ride content)
  • allthepies

    swoon etc 😉


    There is a crowd up here doing a 200miler next week and I thought they were mad,but that tops it 🙂


    Yeah, bunch of my mates did it too – I think that one did it fixed too actually – almost identical finishing time too. Crazy hard but they seem pretty happy now it’s over 😀

    He said he’s going for some sort of audax cup riding fixed.

    Keep telling him to get a geared bike


    I was feeling quite pleased having done the Etape du Dales yesterday,

    now feeling inadequate…


    Nice work! Can he remember how to walk?

    Clubber.. who was the LVIS rider? My mater said he saw them coming back at Beddgelet. They were the first back apparently

    he thought it was marcus mumford?

    Mate of mine in cycling club rode this at the weekend (bryan chapman memorial audax). He rode the whole thing fixed


    And this is his total mileage this year

    guy is a machine!!


    bah – he only averages 3 rides per week… 😉


    Tricky, yep that’s the one.

    b r

    Does he do anything else in life?


    Good effort. Looking at doing a Scottish C2C in the summer, probably St Andrews, Oban, St Andrews. 260ish miles, reckoned 24 would be do-able. That is ride in Wales in something else.

    Premier Icon deejayen

    In some respects it’s ‘just’ a different type of riding, and the hardest part can be the ‘mental’ side of things, keeping going when things get a little tough (eg it’s 2am, you’re soaked, pedalling into a screaming headwind, and still have 100 miles to go!)

    I don’t rate myself as a ‘real cyclist, but I’ve struggled through a few of these events, but only one 600k, and that was in Scotland/Northumberland, so perhaps not as hilly as the Bryan Chapman. I too rode the 600k on fixed wheel. I must say that last 200k were pretty tough, and towards the end I was extremely tempted to pack it in and call a taxi!

    I’ve never been able to dedicate the time to long distance cycling, so most of my rides have been done on very little preparation. I’ve certainly never got anywhere close to cycling 4,000 miles between January and May! I think once you can do the odd tough shorter ride then you can attempt these, but learning how to get through the rough spells and knowing what to eat/drink/wear/carry can take a while to learn. Of course, the really dedicated riders take it to another level, and make it seem easy while covering mind-boggling distances.


    a few years ago i rode from somewhere east of Frankfurt to Rotterdam along the Rhine (nice and flat, mostly) on my fixie. once i was in Rotterdam i could barely walk without doing a bad impression of a cowboy with a gaity walk. i have no idea how the OP’s friend is feeling, but sod that!


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