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  • Gym running and calf pain
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    Calf muscle or shin bone? I have trouble with shin bones pain 🙄

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    IT’s common in cyclists, funnily enough every time i run it feels like i’m about to pull a calf too. It’s because of the muscle groups used commonly being so different. Stretching correclty and using one of them ‘rollers’ so stretch/manipulate your muscles is a good plan.


    bike fit, therefore heart and lungs fit.

    however you might as well be a 60-a-day sofa surfing slob in terms of running. Start slow, a lot slower than you think

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    Possible semi blocked blood vessle! Same symtoms for me unable to run more than 50 metres not to bad on the bike as long as I do not hit the gas.Waiting for my specialist to get back to me but looks like a bypass in my leg!

    You see the incline button on the treadmill – fire it up a few levels so that you’re running up hill. It will have the effect of lengthening your calf muscles and making your cardiovascular system work harder. Job done.


    I’ve started doing a bit of treadmill running in the gym, but get calf pain quite quickly. I stretch before running but it doesn’t seem to help too much. I tend to stop because my calves ache before I stop from being out of breath.

    I’m wondering whether this is a normal part of running, or if it’s worth having a running shop ‘examine my gait’ and sell me some new trainers.

    What do you reckon?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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