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  • Gym membership or train at home with dumbbells/bands
  • supercarp
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    Home for me.

    Used to go to the gym but stopped when children appeared due to time.

    Bought some kettlebells, pull up bar, gymnastic rings and parallets, haven’t been back to the gym in 6 years.

    The hardest part was getting the motivation but now I would never go back to the gym

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    I go to the local amateur boxing gym twice a week on the way home from work. Bag work, couple bench press type machines, free weights etc … for £3 a week.
    Also got the Zwift bike set up in spare bedroom with a few different sets of dumb-bells to lift every day or so.

    I wouldn`t be too keen on going to a typical gym; as has been identified above – just the typical people who hang around there would put me off. The boxing gym is old fashioned spit & sawdust type gym … nobody would dare take a selfie in such a place!

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    Well it does depend on the type and location of the gym I suppose. Mine is 6 mins walk and attached to a hospital, and near a university. It has a 25 meter pool. I have often been in at the weekend for swim after a long ride and had the pool to myself. On a Sunday the weights room is empty. The grunt brigade are mainly kept in the town and the industrial estate.

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    Crossfit gyms, do they give specific classes on how to throw the weights down and leave everything covered in sweat? and if they are really macho bits of skin and blood.

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    It totally depends on the gym too. I was a member at the very well equipped gym at work (large Uni) following my ACL surgery but after 6 months (it was convenient as initially I was in there 4 times a week for only 20 mins each) of waiting for kit due to students using it as dating space, I swapped to Nuffield. Twice the price but so much more manageable and generally full of people who actually want to train. Busy, but not silly.

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    For me gym – but then I don’t seem to have any of the problems mentioned above, apart from it being a bit busy at this time of year. But that will soon die down, as the students get girlfriends and exams start to loom, and the post-summer god-how-much-weight-have-I-put-on crowd give up as the weather turns cold and Christmas starts to show its head… they’ll be back again after Easter, but I just bear in mind they’re subsidising my membership for the rest of the year and all is well 🙂

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    Normal Commercial Gym? – No ta to many idiots training Biceps and Abs.

    Have a look if there is a Crossfit Box anywhere near you, failing that a proper strength training or bodybuilding gym.

    The latter can feel intimidating but in my experience proper bodybuilders tend to be much nicer than the aforementioned Gym Bros you find clogging up the free weights area in your normal council gym.

    Failing that I would train in the garage rather than use a commercial gym.

    How much space do you have?  Enough for Squat rack?

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    Completely the opposite of billoddie, our local council gym is really quiet, generally only the odd female every time I go, never anyone using free weights.

    The many ex commercial premises that call themselves crossfit boxes are where all the alpha males are now. 😂

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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