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  • GXP BBs : all threaded?
  • Premier Icon submarined
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    I’ve just picked up a 2016 Whyte 901 , which I know has had very few rides, but there’s a nasty creak which I think is the BB.

    I’m a bit baffled by which I need to get as a replacement. It’s listed in the White manual as a ’73mm GXP’, doors that mean it’s threaded?
    If so, are there any replacements that aren’t rubbish and aren’t too pricey? From what I gather, the 25 quid SRAM ones have a lifetime best measured in minutes :/ I’m trying to avoid the 75 quid or so for a Hope.

    This was all a lot easier when you could just throw in a UN72 and it’s last for years. Or until the taper in the cranks got wobbly.

    Premier Icon davidtaylforth
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    Not all GXP bbs are threaded, some a press fit. It’ll be pretty obvious what it is though; if the cups have little indentations in them for a BB tool then it’ll be threaded.

    I’d check everything else first though; never had a creaky GXP BB, they usually just get a load of play in them when they’re ****.

    Premier Icon dhrider
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    73mm will usually mean its threaded. If you can see the cups outside the frame it’ll be threaded.

    I put a Hope BB in my bike last year and it was night and day difference from the cheaper bottom brackets so well worth the investment IMO.

    Just remember if you get a Hope one you also need the GXP converters.


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    I had a 2016 Whyte 905 and it is threaded 68/73mm bottom bracket. For my new bike which is also the same I just went for the SRAM one for about £20.

    Just check that your cranks are tight enough first if you have not already done so. Or take them off and the BB, clean, re-grease and put it all back together and that may cure it. You might find some water in the BB shell as I did in mine when I serviced it (I don’t think there is a drain hole).

    Premier Icon jeffl
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    I had a similar conundrum last week. In the end just paid up for a cheap and crap SRAM GXP bottom bracket. Couldn’t be bothered paying hope prices for the commuter. Agree that GXP BBS from SRAM at mince.

    Premier Icon transporter13
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    Token ht2 bb with hope gxp adapters

    Last ages and near on identical to hope bbs

    Premier Icon submarined
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    Thanks Y’all 🙂
    TBH I haven’t actually checked all the interfaces are tight! I hopped on it last week for it’s second ride, and the creak started, I was in a massive rush, got it home, put it away, and haven’t given it a once over since 😮
    Poor, I know.

    I’ll give it a check tonight. Cups are external so I guess it’s threaded (sorry, still new to all this newer BB standards lark)

    I’ve got a Hope in the other bike and it’s great, but it just seems a bit pricey for the budget/winter bike. If there’s a cheaper option I’m happy to try it.
    Will check out the Token option as well.

    The odd thing was it only did it for the first 5 minutes or so of the ride – after that it quietened down.

    Water inside from excessive washing definitely isn’t the problem, I can tell you that…

    Premier Icon dhrider
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    The other thing to check is the pedals.

    Take them off, grease the threads then reinstall as lack of grease can cause creaking which sounds like it is coming from the BB.

    Premier Icon 5lab
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    GXP bbs need a huge amount of torque on the bolt as well – you’re not applying pre-load, it needs pretty much most of your weight on an 8mm allen key to get them up tight enough.

    I reckon most of the bad press about them is related to people who are used to ‘finger tight’ shimano BB preload bolts not RTFM

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