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  • Here we go!

    Get yer best singing voices out!

    Very nuetral comment re shanklin by Jonathan davies there

    A shame to see Baby go off there, thought he was playing really well.


    What a game so far!
    I am far from neutral but happy to see this one go to the wire if it stays like this.

    Best 40mins of rugby i’ve seen for ages.

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    Allez les Blues!!!!!

    Come on the GWLAD!!!!

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    WHAT A GAME!!!

    Thank you to France and Wales for quality enterntainment.


    what a game. brutal tackling at times, in a really weird, selfharming sort of way, I’d love to know what it’s like to be ‘really’ hit hard in a tackle by a forward (as a 5’8″ bloke who played scrumhalf as a boy)…guess it would nearly kill someone who isn;t in top, ‘international’ fitness!

    What a game! Not the result I wanted, but really reall well played France. That was superb rugby by France, we lost to the better side on the night.

    lister, I used to play to a very high level. I cannot explain what it’s like! You just take the hits, they bounce off you and you get back up again. When your body is in that shape, it just takes it.

    Yeah, but the only way out of bed in the morning, is to roll out, and use the bed to help you up.


    Bugger. Its a shame, the boys were doing well 🙁

    Searching for a thread to be smug about my earlier comment re. the Welsh pack…finally they’ve been found out and were bullied by what is not a great French pack.

    Happily, for once, a ref had their cards marked at the breakdown…it’s no coincidence that since Gatland and Shaun “Blitz Defence” Edwards have taken over that they’re forever off their feet, diving in and marginally offside with a certain Mr. Williams (who incidentally should have been in the bin) most guilty. Thankfully, a southern hemisphere ref used to seeing the same shenanigans from the All Blacks pinged them for it constantly tonight.

    Fantastic exhibition of rugby tonight though. Thoroughly enjoyable as are all encounters between the two teams in question. I felt a certain sympathy for the French team who are being treated like toys by Lievremond – you could see how relieved they were to win with a performance like that.


    Behave Darcy…or I might have to start shouting for England…lets see where we all are on the 21st of March eh?

    I used to play to a very high level

    I played against an international under 17 team you know!!

    Anyway ref was v poor last night I thought. Both teams were up offside in the blitz and without Henson at 12 wales had no response to it. When he came on he made 1 fantastic pass to put Byrne into a gap. More runs from Byrne hitting the outside shoulder of the 13 would have helped last night but Roberts doesnt have the hands to do it. Talking of passes I thought you werent allowed to pass forward. Ref robbed the French for the first 30mins they were very unlucky to only be at 13 all at half time. Shanklin who otherwise played very well was lucky to stay on the pitch ref shit out!! Also a fenchie should have gone for killing the ball 2m from his line at the end. Ref really was rubbish, but had he been good I feel Wales would have lost by more. Kicking infield to that back three was always going to be risky, bizare too seeing as how Wales seem to have found a functioning lineout at last.

    Also Harryordinary is playing as well as any 8 I’ve ever since.

    The international team was only Germany and I only played the last 10 mins.

    Behave Darcy…or I might have to start shouting for England…lets see where we all are on the 21st of March eh?

    Lol, sorry dude :wink:…I’m hugely nervous about the game today…I sense a resurgent England, with some serious points to prove…perhaps a weekend with unpredictable results after last weekend??

    I used to play to a very high level.

    Go on then, what level Flash, and what decade would this have been?

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    It’s thrown the tournament wide open which has to be a good thing for rugby of not Wales. A quality game, agreed, and as a Welsh fan I wasn’t too disappointed. I’m just worried for Henson.. his decision to go back inside on that very last (and quite superb) move could’ve cost the game.. and I fear people will be castigating him for going for individual glory, given his media image.

    I’m also not quite sure about this constant downfield kicking. What’s the theory there? Is it a consequence of the ELVs? Wales had very little possession, and they really needed it.

    Not sure Henson could have done more there to be honest. The idea of the downfield kicking is to maximise ball in play time, pressure the kick return and hope they boot it back and then have a less structure defence to run at. Agaisnt England who couldnt mount a counter attack it work very well. Against France it was a bit stupid, but the teams backrow were being rinsed so counter attacking from kicks was risky

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    Not sure Henson could have done more there to be honest.

    I thought the outside option was worth a try given the circumstances. Shane has a good record for making something out of nothing.


    Bit quiet on here not many posts from the normally vociferous English fans…where are you all?

    Saw a great quote this morning…”at least England are all sinning from the same hymn sheet!”

    I wonder if the ref will get slated for victimising England again or will they just MTFU and admit that discipline issues are costing them games!

    Molgrips you are right Shane was not given enough ball…passing wide could have given us an undeserved but gratefully taken win in the dying seconds!


    Wales seem to have found a functioning lineout at last

    Which always was a really big problem. 11 from 11 on Friday night. Very impressive lineout play. At least there are many positives that can be drawn from the game.

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