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  • Gumtree Scam?
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    I dunno how it might be a scam but it seems odd.
    Advertised my van on Gumtree as spares, just got a text from someone in Poland saying they will buy it. Seemed weird so I said cash on collection, they agreed and said a driver from london will come and collect it and pay.
    Now I know about the paying me via paypal and taking it back again etc but unless the bloke turns up and refuses to pay after loading it on to a vehicle why do I think its dodgy?

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    not unusual for vans of a vintage to be exported. Two of the last 3 vans I’ve sold (I run them til they’re dead, or rather until its not worth my whole putting them through an MOT) have gone abroad. The parts (particularly the engine) are worth the bother and if the vehicle drives then the cheapest way to get it there is to drive it

    If the come in person and its real cash then no worries. Make sure you’ve signed over the V5 and get the relevant stuff in the post right away though

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    I find that one of the best indicators of a scam is when you find yourself asking “is this a scam?”

    When they turn up they won’t have cash, they’ll have some bank disaster story with a side order of “I’ve just driven all the way from London, give me a break here mate” and some alternative form of reversible payment they can use. You might want to have a couple of burly mate pop round for a brew coincidentally also, just in case their idea of payment is a bat.

    Could be genuine of course, but I’d be tempted to stress that unless they turn up with actual money and nothing else they’ll be turned away.

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    its def not driveable 🙂 conrod snapped and pushed a hole through the block, otherwise i’d repair the bugger (after doing the head,camshaft and turbo before christmas)
    If they ain’t got the cash they ain’t having it. I’ve got the london bloke calling me in work tomorrow but I’m not giving him my postcode until im 100% he’s not gonna kidnap me or the missus

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    I recently had a road bike for sale on gumtree.First 2 enquiries were both a Polish mobile.One of them said they’d send someone round to collect it and never mentioned how they’d pay.I didn’t give an address and said cash on collection only. Never heard from them again.

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