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  • guitarists this is fantastic ;-)
  • for the beginning alone (by the way i REALLY want a synthaxe now 😀



    Curiously I have the leather strap from one – probably picked up in Brick Lane market in the late 80s/early 90s – unfortunately not the rest of it !

    About ’86 I bought a s/h bass from a bloke in Brum (where I both lived and studied) – subject to some degree of hacking-about as part of someone’s uni project to put some solenoids in it, to strike the strings – the seller had suffered a stroke and his right hand wasn’t working very well.
    “this is what I’ve replaced it with” – and he opened up a case with a synthaxe inside. Probably about 7-10k£ at the time – I think as a relatively well-paid apprentice in BT at the time I was on about £7k pa.

    Link on the synthaxe wiki page :

    I can’t help wondering if it was about 30years to early – the electronics side of things would be relatively cheap to do now, but the neck would still probably be relatively expensive – it consisted of segmented frets, and piezo sensors on the strings detected string bending:
    Interestingly this patent (maybe the rest) seems to have lapsed (see bottom:

    The Yourock is pretty cool and only a couple of hundred quid


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    There are a couple of videos of jazz supremo Allan Holdsworth playing his Synthaxe on Youtube:

    I thought the intro was a bit lame TBH, but Neville probably had naff-all money to work with.

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    I have a VOX Organ Guitar for sale. Segmented Frets and all…

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