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  • Guitarist to the rescue!
  • Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    Best radio conversation with the rescue services ever…

    “OK. What is your position?”
    “We’re probably about halfway between the port of East London and Durban.”
    “No, no, no, what are your coordinates?”
    Moss had no idea what their coordinates were.
    “What rank are you?”
    “Well, I’m not a rank – I’m a guitarist.”
    A moment’s silence.
    “What are you doing on the bridge?”
    “Well, there’s nobody else here.”
    “Who’s on the bridge with you?”
    “So I said, ‘It’s me, my wife – the bass player, we’ve got a magician here…'”

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    I read this earlier, what a rollercoaster. And what a hero.

    Premier Icon DaveyBoyWonder
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    Just read that too. Just imagine being in that situation where the entire crew have thought “sod this, I’m outta here” and jumped in a life boat and disappeared…

    Premier Icon winston
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    I listened to it on R4 this morning on way to work. Normally I switch off this particular program (Life Changing) as its all a bit meh but I just listened spell bound, deffo worth 30 mins on Sounds if you haven’t heard it – they guy was just one of life’s legends

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Why hasn’t it been made into a movie?

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    That really struck a chord with me.

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