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    my 6 year old (soon to be 7) daughter wants a guitar for Christmas – she is very Theatrical/musical, so we are happy to encourage this.
    She will be having lessons after Christmas, in an attempt to get her playing it properly.

    Any ideas on what I should buy, and where to buy it from?

    I know nothing about musical instruments.

    Ta in advance.


    Ideally visit your local guitar/music shop if you can – check out a couple – good store will certainly be able to tell you what works well for a 6/7 yr old.

    Yamaha student 1/2 or 3/4 size are often on offer if your limited to t’internet.

    As an alternative – Ukelele is small, cheap, quick (to make early progress on), fun and good path to guitar.

    Makala Dolphin Uke is surprisingly good, colourful and cheap. Recommended!


    Try a Parlour Nylon String Classical/Flamenco style guitar.

    Nylon strings are easy on the fingers, have a lovely tone/tombre and you can pick up these small bodied guitars from decent stores for <£100



    3/4 size anything.

    I’d go for electric if there’s no preference, I found that metal strings were miles easier than Nylon at that age – I didn’t have the finger strength necessary to comfortably fret a note with nylon for a few years. Also, headphones. Make sure the strings get changed if it’s regularly played.

    I bought mine a little 3/4 Yamaha. For the money (just over 100) it’s very very good. Recommended.


    A Uke would be a good addition to a guitar, she’ll learn flexibility in playing different instruments, and at her age she’ll pick it up quickly. Ukes are really popular at the moment, they’re small, easily carried around, and make a nice sound. Lots of people playing them live, too.


    Here you are, actual grown-ups play ukes for a living:

    The Staves by CountZero1, on Flickr

    Camilla Staveley-Taylor, The Staves by CountZero1, on Flickr

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Though she plays the mandolin more on albums (and in the photo), the ukelele worked for Nancy Wilson, so it may be the way to go for your little girl.

    Nancy Wilson – Fire in the Heart


    Uke FTW! Similar age recipient struggled with Guitars we have, but loved the “uckolelly” and the personal touches.

    One of these + tuner + spare Aquila strings + kids Uke book = Xmas sorted 🙂 Youtube for lessons –

    Check out Jake Shimabukuro ‘howto’ for inspiration..

    Proof Uke =/= toy 🙂

    — Geetar next time?.. Strum style is different, but techniques are complementary and makes a good bridge to std 6 string acoustic geetar..


    posted wrong vid above for ‘proof’.. Skip to the song start at around 10:50 if talking is too much..


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