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    My Dad is nearing retirement and has decided he wants a guitar for Christmas. He played a little when he was (much!) younger but is essentially a total beginner.

    Anyone got any recommendations for a “Learn to Play Guitar” type book?

    I have been out of the guitar-based loop for a long, long time so have no idea what’s current and as I live in France I can’t really get into a shop and have a thumb through a few to see what’s good.

    He just wants to strum along to the Stones* / Beatles etc, not take up jazz or classical or anything daft like that!

    *note to anyone with the same idea – accurately reproducing what Keith Richards is playing is **** hard. The same does not hold for Lennon/Harrison!


    justin sandercoe of JustinGuitar, quite literally the best learning website out there is about to bring out a beginners book, its based on his beginners course (free on the website) which is brilliant – seen some really good guitarists start on his site…

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Yeah JustinGuitar is awesome – will see if his book is out yet.


    The Complete Guitar Player Songbook by Russ Shipton

    Big books full of mixed tunes from that era. Easy to play chords

    Soon have him playing and singing along


    Another for justin guitar, my sons learning from his website and doing really well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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